RadhaKrishn 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam’s Unfaltering Faith

RadhaKrishn 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Achyuta tells Sam that if he becomes equal to Krishna in Dharma and Karma, she will serve him not only kheer but feast. She says Radha is not accepting kheer and she doesn’t want to give it to Sam, so she herself will have it. She enjoys kheer and says it was very tasty. Radha thinks Krishna is naughty even now and stole her prepared kheer from kitchen. Sam tries to leave. Achyuta asks where is he going and instead of thanking his father for spending time with him, he is angry on him. Sam asks who inform his this. Achyuta says whole ashram knows about it. Sam says if his father loves him, why didn’t he give what he wants. Achyuta asks what did he ask. Sam says sudarshan chakra. Achyuta asks if he is a fool to directly ask sudarshan chakra, he is uncapable to hold it. Sam says he is more powerful than her and yells at her. She warns him that if he misbehaves with his teacher, she will punish him. Sam shouts if she had not come, he would have met his mother whom he is waiting to meet since years.

Sam decides to prays Mahadev and provoking his rudra avatar will seek boon to make him powerful than Krishna. In Kailash, Mahadev gets parijat flowers for mata Gauri. Mata Gauri says today he is in calm mood and she wants him to be same always. Sam starts praying Mahadev to provoke his rudra/anger avatar and burns himself. Mahadev and Gauri mata get concerned seeing that. Radha asks Krishna why is Sam burning himself, he will die soon. Mahadev emerges and asks Sam what does he need. Sam requests him to make him more powerful than Krishna. Mahadev says its impossible. Sam says he should make him at least equal to Krishna. Mahadev says even that is impossible. Sam insists to get him sudarshan chakra at least. Mahadev says even that is impossible. Sam asks to give his trishul then to fight with Krishna. Mahadev says his trishul can bring cyclone and he will give another chakra instead which he can use only once and should promise that he will not use it on Krishna. Sam promises and gets chakra, then thinks he can use it on Achyuta. Radha gets concerned for Sam and thinks what will Jambavati think seeing Sam’s misdeeds.

Jambavati gets nightmare of Sam jumping from mountain, wakes up worried and prays Mahakal/Gauri to protect her son and instead take her life. Mahadev tells Gauri mata that his work is done and now its Gauri’s turn. Mata Gauri sees Jambavati praying her and emerges in front of her. Jambavati thanks her for listening to a mother’s plea. Gauri mata says she need not worry for her son as his time has not come yet. Radha tells Krishna that she is worried for Jambavati. Krishna says she should be worried for Sam instead. Radha asks what will happen to Sam. Krishna says soon time will reveal it.

Preap: Sam tries to attack Achyuta with chakra. Radha stops him and says he doesn’t know who Achyuta is.

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