RadhaKrishn 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Is Captured

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Krishna returns to Radha and says he had to solve a problem. He says he gave Mahadev’s location to Shani dev, until Shani dev’s vakra drishti/angry vision effect will be on Mahadev, he will not put his vakra drishti on him and his decision will not change, so he has to prepare to bear Shani dev’s vakra drishti. Radha asks what is he saying. He says Shani dev putting his vakra drishti on him would be shani dev’s biggest mistake. Shani thinks he will put his vakra drishti on Krishna after its effect on Mahadev is over.

Guard informs Kashi king that prince is missing from jungle. King thinks if saint wrongly blessed his son that his son is missing. He orders guards to find and bring the saint here. Krishna tells Radha that Mahadev is bearing separation from Devi Parvati to help him. Devi Parvati decorates Mahadev and her sitting place and tells disciples that Mahashivrati is her and Mahadev’s wedding anniversary day and they will sit on it and perform pooja together on that day. Disciples asks if Mahadev will return before that. She says he will come for sure, though he is being troubled by Shani dev’s vakra drishti, she emotionally says she is sure that he will return on Mahashivratri. Radha hopes Mahadev returns to kailash soon. Krishna says he doubts that Mahadev will reach kailash today.

Shani dev shows Sam Kashi soldiers searching Mahadev. Soldiers find Mahadev and order him to come along. Mahadev asks why would he come with them, he will disappear. They ask if he is god that he will disappear. He says he is Mahadev and tries to disappear, but fails. They laugh. He thinks he forgot that he gave all his powers to Parvati and runs from there. Krishna tells Radha that even Mahadev cannot escape from Shani dev’s vakra drishti. Mahadev gets tired running and realizes that he is in trouble because of Shani dev’s vakra drishti. Krishna tells Radha that even Tridev’s cannot escape from vakra drishti and once its effect finishes no Mahadev, Shani dev will come to him. Mahadev gets tired and sits under a tree. Soldiers surround him. Shani tells Sam that Mahadev will fight with Guards till vakra drishti’s effect will be over, then he will put his vakra drishti on Krishna. Krishna asks Radha to get ready as Shani will come to him soon. Mahadev surrenders himself to soldiers and thinks he will help Krishna at any cost. Krishna gets sad seeing that. Sam provokes Shani. Shani says he will not let Mahadev trick him and will use all his energy to end Mahadev’s help on Krishna.

Soldiers take Mahadev to king who gets angry on him for giving wrong blessing to his son. Mahadev says he gave right blessing. Shani dev gets angry and determines to defeat Mahadev in his plan. Blood oozes from Mahadev’s bag. Krishna tells Radha that Shani dev has lost his patience, one loses conscience in anger and make mistakes. King asks Mahadev to take out what is in his bag. Mahadev says watermelons which he gave, picks them out and is shocked to see prince and his friend’s heads. King is shocked to see that. Mahadev says how he can explain that its Shani dev’s vakra drishti’s which is doing all this. King orders guards to throw him in jail. Krishna calls Gowri and requests her to return Mahadev’s powers. Gowri says Mahadev should agree and reaches Mahadev, but he denies accepting his powers saying Krishna love for him made him send her here. She reminds its their wedding anniversary day. He says let ganpret wait for some more time, he will return only after fulfilling his promise, he is happy to meet her on their wedding anniversary and got inspiration to fight without powers.

Shani says now he will throw his vakra drishti on Krishna and walks towards him when Devi Parvati emerges and says he is doing wrong by throwing vakra drishti on Mahadev first and then trying it on Krishna. He says Mahadev gave him powers to do justice and even his stubbornness cannot stop him. Krishna reaches Shani dev.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that nobody can interfere when Shani dev puts his vakra drishti. Radha says she cannot bear Krishna’s separatino and would also like to bear Shani dev’s vakra drishti. Shani says as she wishes, he will put his vakra drishti on even her.

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