RadhaKrishn 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram Teases Krishna

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Vrishbhan addresses his people that he will not leave a trace of enmity between Barsana and Vridavan and raises hammer to break border wall. Krishna stops him and says what is the use of breaking this wall if another indifference develops between Barsana and Vrindavan, relationship should be pure like mother and child’s without any reason for doubt; their bonding should be inseparable even if many intruders try to create rift between them, only then this wall should be broken. Vrishbhan says from hereon Vrishbhan and Nand are one and there is no room for any doubt between them. Krishna says he should let a man who brought Gopadevi and Baldevi and reason for this reunity break this wall and asks brave Ayan to do the honors. Ayan angrily breaks wall looking at Jatila. Once they all leave, Krishna ties shaligram on Radha’s hand looking into here eyes. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Radha imagines Krishna in her room and feels shy. She thinks of meeting him and says Krisha, she is coming…She runs out of house. Her friends stop her and say let us go and have water sports at river bank. Radha says she has important work. Friends insist, but she excuses them that she will finish her work first. She reaches Krishna’s house and helps Yashoda cut vegetables. Krishna tells Yashoda that he is going out and will have food later as he is not hungry. Yashoda asks him to check who has come, Radha has come all the way from Barsana to help her. Radha prepares food and says what is the use if someone does not want to have it. Krishna smiles and says he will have. Yashoda asks him to wait outside with Balram. Krishna does same. Balram tells Krishna that Maiyaa always serves food fast, today she is taking so much time. Krishna tells Radha is preparing food today. Balram asks what she must be preparing, if it is rasmalai, basundi, kheer, etc. Radha comes out and serves him kheer and puri, looking at Krishna says she prepared it specially for him. Balram tasts food and praises her.

Radha asks Yashoda if she can help her more. Yashoda says she can relax. Nand comes and asks her if she prepared butter to be delivered to client tonight. Yashoda says she will by night. Balram tells Maiyya cannot work so hard and needs someone’s help. Nand says he will get some maids. Balram says she needs dear one who can help her forever. Rohini asks him to be specific. Balram says they should get a bahu in this house. Krishna looks at Radha and Radha gets nervous.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a bird selects a safe place away from water and suns lays eggs, eggs hatch and toddlers come out of it, soon they grow into bird and build their own nest independently, but human gather wealth for their children’s future and make them incompetent, one should make their children independent and competent to earn their living.

Precap: Radha leaning on Krishna’s shoulder says it is night. Krishna until Radha closes her eyes, how can it be night and shows lamp. Sun raises again. Radha takes Krishna’s flute/bansuri and reminds him that he should meet her whenever she calls him. He agrees. She calls him at midnight. Balram tells Krishna that he was with Radha whole day, then why she is calling him again. Krishna sasy

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