RadhaKrishn 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Defeats Shankchurn

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Tulsi waits for Shankchurn for rewedding with him and thinks she doesn’t know where he has gone and asks Madhavi/Madhavi to remove all the decoration. Radha thinks good Krishna didn’t come back. Krishna walks in. Radha thinks why did he come and then reminisces him telling he will do whatever Tulsi asks. Real Shankchurn continues fighting with Mahadev. Krishna/Shankchurn apologizes Tulsi for going midway and says he went to maintain stability on earth. She asks why did he come back. He says he wants to fulfill her wish. Devi Gauri noticing that thinks what Krishna wants, he is acting as loving Tulsi and increasing Shankchurn’s powers and making it more difficult for Mahadev.

Tulsi expresses her desire to marry Shankchurn again as she loves him more now and asks if he has any problem with it. He says he doesn’t have any problem, who made this arrangement. Tulsi says Madhavi did it. He says if Madhavi has made arrangements, then how can he deny. She says let us start rituals. Shankchurn overpowers Mahadev and laughs. Balram disguised as Manjari walks to Radha and asks where is Kanha as its important to find him as Shankchurn is fighting with Mahadev and his powers haven’t decreased a bit. Radha shows Krishna to him and says Krishna is marrying Tulsi. Balram says its amazing, then asks if Kahna has lost his mind. Radha says even she doesn’t know, but can understand that they will have to pay big for playing with Shankchurn.

Tulsi asks Madhavi to throw flowers on her and Shankchurn. Krishna/Shankchurn asks Madhavi to do as Tulsi says. Shankchurn laughs on Mahadev and says he will capture Kailash for sure. He attacks Mahadev repeatedly, but a protective barrier protects him. Madhavi throws flowers on Krishna and Tusli fuming. Tulsi is about to sit in front of havan when Krishna stops her. Mahadev asks Shankchurn to show his powers with which he is challenging to conquer kailash. Shankchurn says Mahadev powers are tested and not his as his power is from love. Krishna tells Tusli that 3 threads bond 3 emotions, first feelings, second respect, and third trust and he saw all 3 in her. Shankchurn repeats same to Mahadev and says he has all 3 present in him. Mahadev says if all 3 emotions are from both side, then it would be good; if he thinks its from both side. Krishna tells Tulsi that he is an asur who wants to misuser her powers and conquer whole universe via force. She says she saw him progressing towards good, hence she thought of marrying him again. He asks her to think if its her blind trust. She says yes and says he saw love for her in him. He says always whatever they see is not truth. She asks why is he repeating same words. He says he wants her to be sure about it.

Mahadev asks Shankchurn if love and trust are from both side. Shankchurn attacks him saying he is 100% sure. Krishna takes Tulsi to battlefield where she sees Shankchurn fighting with Mahadev and challenging him that he won almost all worlds, will win even Kailash and even Vishnu’s words; he will continue to get power from Tulsi’s love and will kill gods. Mahadev warns not to misuse love. Shankchurn says he will use whatever belongs to him. Tulsi asks Krishna/Shankchurn if he is here, then who is fighting with Mahadev. Krishna reveals his original form. She backs off and asks who is he. He says he is Golok’s Krishna. Shankchurn tells Mahadev that until Tulsi’s love is with him, he is undefeatable.

Tulsi asks Krishna why did he trick her and spoilt her feelings for Shankchurn. She cries vigorously and says he and Shankchurn both tricked her. Radha says Krishna was trying to show her truth. Krishna says let Tulsi think whatever she wants to. Tulsi asks if she is not Madhavi, who is Manjari now. Balram says he is Balram. Tulsi says they all tricked her and she hates them all. Shankchurn gets tensed seeing his powers vanishing Mahadev throws his trishul on Shankchurn. Shankchurn runs, but trishul attacks him and he shouts in pain and falls down from cliff. Tusli hearing his shout covers her ears.

Precap: Tulsi cruses Krishna that he would become a stone forever.

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