RadhaKrishn 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Jatila, Ayan To Create Trouble

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RadhaKrishn 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Balram asks Krishna that Radha did not listen to him, what will he do now. Krishna says just wait and watch. Balram asks to be specific. Krishna says Radha will not be in trouble and if something happens, Krishna will handle situation. Ayan and Jatila spread dry grass behind all mela stalls and discuss tomorrow they will burn whole mela and spoil Radha’s plan of repaying loan. Radha performs Brahmacharini mata’s pooja in the evening chanting mantras. Krishna says Radha knows only words and not their meaning, one day she will understand both words and meaning.

At night, Krishna walks to Radha’s room. Radha fumes seeing him. Krishna picks remaining artifacts in radha’s room. Radha asks why did he come here. He says by selling her handmade artifacts, they can gather money and repay their loan. Radha says she will not give any item. Krishna asks what will he sell then. Radha asks who told him to set up a stall. Krishna says he wants to discuss about a serious concern, what happens if they don’t repay loan, how will sponsor react, she should think about it as a mukhiya/chief. Radha stands thinking while Krishna takes away artifacts. Radha sees him going and fumes that he troubles her a lot.

Next morning, Balram sees Krishna smiling and asks why is he smiling so much, even today only kids will attend mela. Krishna shows Radha message which says both children and elders’ entry is free in mela. Balram says Radha stole their idea. Krishna seeing Radha coming asks what if Radha comes here. Balram says he does not care and seeing her runs to his shop requesting Krishna to save him. Radha walks to Krishna and seeing people entering mela says her plan worked. Krishna praises her plan (which was Krishna and Balram’s suggestion). Radha says she knows as she is mukhiya, asks him to go and handle his shop. Krishna and all other friends sell their items and gather money. Krishna thinks he sold all artifacts, now it is time to spend quality time with his lady love. He walks to Radha and says it is good to relax sometimes. Radha says she knows as she is mukhiya, what is he doing here. He says he sold all artifacts, so let us go and enjoy mela. She says no and thinks she knows his intention. Krishna says instead of sitting here, she should go and interact with people so that they can advertise about mela among their friends and dear ones and bring more people to mela tomorrow. Radha walks to interact with people. Krishna thinks Radha is so innocent and falls for sugary words so easily.

Ayan with Jatila walks into mela and says soon people will panic seeing fire and run away from mela. Jatila asks what is he waiting for, burn mela and Radha’s dream both. Krishna sees beautiful footwear and thinks it is made for Radha, but she will not take, so he uses reverse psychology and says such an ugly footwear. Radha says they are so beautiful. Krishna asks to try then. She tries and says they are so comfortable. Krishna asks to keep them then. Radha says she does not need them, but to prove him wrong, she will keep them. Krishna shows beautiful bangles next and asks stall owner Chitralekha to go and rest, he will take care of shop for sometime. He flirts with ladies and makes them wear bangles, saying both they and bangles are so beautiful. Radha gets jealous and sending ladies away saying she wants to try these bangles. Krishna says she sent his customers away, he will make her wear bangles though. She likes bangles and smiles. Krishna asks 2 coins. Radha says she organized this mela. Krishna says then she should not break her rules. Radha says she is queen Radha and whatever she does is always right. Krishna thinks Radha is so arrogant and it does not suit her, she should get out of arrogance before it is too late.

Ayan burns dry grass he had spread behind talls. Krishna gets sweets for Radha. She denies at first, but then accepts them, eats some and stuffs remaining in his mouth. He smiles. Ayan thinks the fire burning in his heart is buring this mela and will burn Radha and Krishna’s love.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that big palace’s terrace would be so beautiful, to reach there, one has to walk on steps and without a base one cannot reach top; similarly to fulfill their dream, one should not forget their base and if they forget, they cannot reach their destiny.

Precap: Nand gives day’s earning to Radha and says if this continues for some more days, they will can repay loan soon. Radha boasts this all happened because of her intelligence. Krishna think arrogance is taking Radha far away from reality. Kans creates another monster.

Update Credit to: MA

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