RadhaKrishn 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam’s Final Plan To Destroy Krishna

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Krishna tells Radha that he will convince himself to live without her and learn to bear pain. Radha stops him and comes out of cave. Devi Gauri and Mahadev get happy seeing that. Radha wiping her tears says in 100 years, love was the solution for their problems and love was in sorrows, happiness, etc., but he never talked about death; she wants him to stop talking about death. He says he will do as she says, she shouldn’t go away from him. She says she will not go away from him then, but he has to promise her. He says everything is hers, what she needs. She asks him to promise that she will not love him; she will stay with him, but there won’t be love between them; they will just be companions and halt their love. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev how can’t there be love between Radha Krishna. Mahadev says Krishna unconditionally loved human Radha, but devi Radha is different. Krishna promises Radha to fulfill her wish. Radha says they are just companions from hereon. Krishna thinks let him how Radha will not love him twice or else Radha Krishna’s love will just be a mystery else.

Sam meets Shukracharya remembering Radha Krishna reuniting and says he couldn’t defeat Krishna repeatedly even after being Mahadev’s ansh/part and hence he decided to perform pran yagna and sacrifice himself. Shukracharya says he shouldn’t sacrifice his life like a coward. Sam says his life’s aim is to end Krishna, but he is unable to, so better her sacrifice his life. Shukracharya says Krishna is a trickster but doesn’t have arrogance, so if Sam sacrifices his arrogance, he can defeat Krishna. Sam says he is sacrifice his life itself. Shukracharya says he is a fool, sacrificing life is easier than sacrificing arrogance. Sam cuts his finger with a sword and says he can cut his head if he fails to control his arrogance. Shukracharya accepts him as his student and promises to reveal secrets to defeat Krishna.

Radha tells Krishna that they should act as lovers in Dwarka, but should maintain a distance when alone. Krishna agrees and thinks again let him see how will she stop herself from loving him. Balram informs family that Radha Krishna are returning to Dwarka. Rukmini and others get happy hearing that. Balram asks where are Sam and Lakshmana. Sam removes all his jewelry and wears a normal dress. Lakshmana asks what is he doing. He says he is no more a prince and will become a future king. Lakshmana asks how. He says he used sam, daam, dand to defeat Krishna but fail, hence he will use bhed now to destroy Krishna. She says she will help in separating Rada Krishna. He says they should reunite Radha Krishn first.

Radha Krishna return to Dwarka. Rukmini performs their aarti and asks where had she gone uninformed. Radha says she had gone to find answers to a few questions. Balram hopes she found answers to her questions. Radha nods yes. Balram says they have organized a celebration for their return. Sam puts flowers on Krishna’s feet and apologizes him for all his mistakes and requests to forgive him; he promises to obey Dwarkadish’s all orders. Radha says she is happy to hear his repention, but where are his royal clothes. He says he sacrificed his royal pleasures and wants brother Pradyumna to become Dwarka’s king. Krishna thinks his evilness will destroy whole Dwarka, remembering Gandhari’s curse. Mahadev says Sam has sown a seed of destroyal.

Precap: Krishna plays bansuri painfully. Radha asks who is giving her pain, she will end them. Krishna asks who all she will end. Radha says whoever pains him.

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