RadhaKrishn 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Has A Plan?


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Bheem angrily munches fruits in jungle reminiscing Jarasand and Shishupal speaking ill and joking about Krishna. He thinks he couldn’t find Krishna anywhere in Magadh and seeing stone in fruit basket angrily throws it away. Radha passes by with a few Gopis holding milk pots. Stone hits one of the woman’s pot carrying milk. Woman asks why did he break her milk pot. Bheem says he didn’t and angrily asks her to go away. Radha says he should apologize woman. Bheem says he is a powerful warrior and will never apologize anyone. Radha says he wasted woman’s hard work. Bheem shouts to go away as he is getting angry. Radha challenges him to lift her pot and keeps it on floor. Bheem says he will lift it with his single finger and tries but fails, amazed he tries to lift it with his full powers and fails again. He calms down and asks who is she. She says he should ask whom he is waiting for. She sends women away and takes Bheem to Krishna. Krishna greets Bheem. Bheem asks who is this divine lady, he couldn’t lift her pot. Krishna says he is Krishna’s Radha. Bheem greets Sri Radha and says she made him realize that he cannot win over Jarasand with arrogance and anger, now he will wrestle with Jarasand and kill him. Krishna asks if he thinks he will find Jarasand in wrestling ground, he may be somewhere else. Bheem asks where is Sri Radha. Krishna says she went to remind Jarasand about his weakness.

Radha with Gopis prays Krishna’s idol openly in a temple. Citizens say she cannot pray Krishna in Magadh. Radha asks if they have seen Krishna, he is very divine. Soldiers walk in and ask where is Krishna. Radha says Krishna is everywhere. Soldiers walk away searching Krishna. Radha tells citizens if they pray Krishna with pure heart, they will see him. They start praying Krishna. Krishna emerges.

Jarasand gets ready for wrestling when he gets Duryodhan’s letter. Sishupal reads that Krishna killed Paundrak, Pandavs are performing Rajasuya yagna, so Krishna must be attending it. Jarasand angrily shouts that Krishna killed his friend Paundrak, he will not spare Krishna. He orders to perform Rajasuya yagna in Magadh to declare it Bharath’s biggest kingdom. Krishna disguised as brahmin enters and says he came to watch Jarasand’s wrestling. Jarasand warns him to go away, else he will kill him. Krishna says he cannot go like this. Jarasand says nobody will dare to fight with him and if anyone tries and fails, he will behead brahmin. Bheem enters. Krishna says this brahmin will fight with Jarasand. Jarasand says he failed as only Kshatriya can fight with him. Krishna says nobody is brahmin or kshatriya by birth, only their deed makes them one; he can see this brahmin is strong and powerful like a kshatriya. Jarasand says he will fight with brahmin if he defeats him in knowledge. Krishna says he will ask him 4 questions at once and asks how many schools are there in his kingdom, how many hospitals are there in his kingdom, how much tax does he get, how many citizens are there in his kingdom. Jarasand angrily tries to hit Krishna shouting what kind of question is this. Bheem stops Jarasand and warns to fight with him and not small brahmin. Krishna explains that as a king, he is the father of his kingdom and should know all 4 answers, a father should know howmany children he has, schools and hospital determine how much he loves his children, taxes determine how he can help his children, etc.

Precap: Radha tells citizens they will see Krishna’s divinity today. Bheem fights with Jarasand. Jarasand shouts he is immortal and nobody can defeat him.

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