RadhaKrishn 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Tricks His 8 Wives

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Narad challenges Krishna that he will find a horse for ashwamedh yagna by tomorrow. Krishna challenges back that let him see how will he arrange horse by tomorrow and how will ashwamedh yagna happen. Narad visits Mahadev. Mahadev asks if there is any mistake in their plan. Narad says Krishna is a step ahead than them, he couldn’t find a horse yet. Mahadev says he can help him. Narad thanks him. Mahadev says he can provide him a horse right now, but what if Krishna tricks the horse again; they should wait till the yagna starts and find out who will perform yagna with Krishna.

Radha tells Krisna’s queen that they should let Rukmini perform yagna with Krishna. Satyabhama, Yamuna, and Jamvati say they should sit instead, but the will respect Krishna’s decision. Rukmini says she is the first wife, so she should sit with Krishna. Radha says if they respect Krishna’s wish, they should let Rukmini perform yagna. They all 3 agree. Radha thinks now she has to convince Krishna’s remaining 4 wives.

Balram walks to Krishna and discusses that Revati wants to prepare feast everyday and when he suggested her to prepare it during yagna day, she got angry him and blasted him. Krishna says 2 utensils collide in kitchen. Balram suggests him to be calm when he argues with his wife. Krishna says he accepts his order.

Radha walks to remaining 4 wives and asks whom they think should perform yagna with Krishna. Each one argues that they will sit. Narad interferes and sends them away and suggests Radha to let Krishna decide during the time of yagna. Sam tries to brainwash Jamvati and insist her to perform yagna with Krishna. Jamvati says it is already decided that Rukmini will perform yagna, so he shouldn’t force her. Sam thinks he wants to stop the yagna at any cost. His spy informs him that a horse will emerge in stable for yagna soon.

Radha takes Krishna’s all 8 wives to him and informs that all his 8 wives have conclusively decided to let Rukmini perform yagna with him. Krishna says he is elated to see his wives’ unity. Balram thinks why he looks so calm. Devi Gauri also tells Mahadev that she is surprised with Krishna’s calmness. Mahadev says he is not. Krishna provokes each wife that they must be desiring to sit in yagna with him describing their qualities and provokes them that they shouldn’t feel degraded if someone else sit instead of them. They all agree and at once say they are happy that he thought about them. Krishna says he respects their decision and is proud of them, now he will go and get ready for yagna. They all 8 at once say they want to perform yagna with him, leaving Radha and Narad in dilemma.

Precap: Krishna says whenever his 8 wives conclusively select one among them to perform yagna with him, he will perform yagna only then. Radha agrees, leaving Narad in dilemma.

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    Radhakrishn is the best mythology serial.My favorite serial is radhakrishn. Sumedh is playing the role of krishna,he is my favorite actor… Love you R.K team. My good wishes always with them.♥️♥️

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