RadhaKrishn 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: The Wrath Of Krishna

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Paundruka disguised as Krishna walks to Arjun and says time has arrived Parth. Arjun asks he is confused what to tell Subhadra. Paundruka asks not to worry as he will handle the situation, right now he wants to show him something amazing in Dwarka and takes him along. On the other side, Subhadra tells Radha that she is worried if Arjun doesn’t accept her proposal. Radha asks her not to worry as Krishna will handle situation and takes her along. Paundruka takes Arjun to open land and asking him to stand there silently gets bow and arrow and shoots at Arjun. Arjun holds arrow. Radha with Subhadra also reaches there. Paundruka reveals his identity and laughs on Arjun that he broke his Gandiva for this fool Subhadra. Arjun says his hands are enough to kill him and walks towards him. Paundruka raises bow to shoot at Arjun again. Subhadra shields Arjun and dares Paundruka to shoot Krishna’s guest and his sister. Radha asks Krishna to come soon. Paundruka shoots at Arjun and Subhadra. Krishna enters and anulls his attack. He warns Paundraka that he dared to attack his guest and a woman and crossed his limits, he deserves to die now. Paundruka shouts he is real Krishna and will kill his doppelganger now.

Balram reaches there followed by Shakuni and Duryodhan. Shakuni tells Duryodhan that if Paundruka reveals their plan, Krishna and Balram will kill them. Paundraka attacks Krishna, but Krishna throws him far away with just 1 punch. He tells that Paundraka will be an example of how adharmi should be treated. Paundruka gets up and shouts again that he is being tricked, he is real Krishna and Dwarka belongs to him, he has everything that Krishna has. Krishna says he has Radha’s love which Paundruka does not have. Balram insists Krishna to don’t waste time and kill Paundruka. Krishna gets his sudarshan chakra and beheads and burns Paundraka into ashes. He looks at Radha and she smiles at her. Arjun tells Subhadra that to keep Balram’s promise, she should elope with him. They both head towards chariot. Subhadra sees Arjun’s injured hand and says she will drive chariot. Arjun agrees. Shakuni fumes seeing them eloping and asks Balram to keep his promise and stop them. Balarm says he promised to get Subhadra ready for marriage, but she is eloping with Arjun and he can’t help. Krishna jokes at them to stop Arjun and Subhadra, but they eloped. Duryodhan shouts that Arjun dared to elope with his would be wife Subhadra, so he will not spare Arjun, etc. Balram and Krishna stand smirking.

Radha and Krishna meet again. Radha tells Krishna that he did right by killing Paundruka. Krishna informs that adharmi Jarasand should be killed to establish dharma, so he has sent Bheem at Jarasand’s place to kill him. Jarasand is seen wrestling and defeating his opponents easily. He challenges if anyone can dare to defeat him. Bheem reaches there and is about to barge in to fight with Jarasand when he gets Krishna’s peacock feather and stops thinking Krishna sent a message to him to wait. Shishupal enters holding Krishna’s bansuri/feet. Jarasand greets him and asks if he wants to fight with him. Sishupal jokes that they both will not win as they both are amar/immortal. Jarasand asks why is he holding ranchor Krishna’s bansuri. Sishupal jokes that it reminds him of Krishna’s hollowness and weakness, etc. They both laugh. Bheem gets angry hearing that insulting Krishna and decides to tear Jarasand into 2 pieces.

Precap: Sishupal informs Jarasand that Pandavs are performing Rajasuya yagna, so Krishna will surely come here. Jarasand shouts that he will kill Ranchohr.
Krishna enters disguised as sadhu.

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