RadhaKrishn 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Saves Radha

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RadhaKrishn 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ugrapath informs that Radha and Krishna’s waghdaan cannot happen as muhurath passed away. Vrishbhan asks what is he telling. Ugrapath says next muhurath is after 5 days, so wedding cannot happen in 10 days and they have to wait for 3 months. He apologizes Vrishbhan and blames Krishna for the mishap alleging him that Krishna was in a hurry without valuing rituals, now they have to wait for 3 months for Radha’s wedding. Krishna says wedding can happen without waghdaan ritual as when 2 people love each other, that is the biggest ritual one can imagine. Ugrapathy shouts if he is denying age old rituals, how dare he is. Krishna explains that rituals are made for human benefit, when 2 hearts are united, rituals don’t matter, etc. Vrishbhan says Krishna is right, wedding will happen in its fixed muhurath.

Asur/monster Shankchurn returns to Kans and informs that he failed to stop Radha and Krishna’s wedding and suggests Kans to stop thinking of harming Krishna as nobody can harm him. Kans warns that he did not call him for advice and threatens to end him if he does not obey him. Asur agrees to help him one last time. Kans orders him to kill Radha.

Radha sees a blanket wearing man near door in dark and thinks she saw same man in her dreams. Kirtida calls Radha just then and she walks in. Krishna also notices blanket wearing man and gets concerned. Balram sees Krishna tensed and asks reason. Krishna says he is born as human, so wants to enjoy his wedding in a human way. Balram says he should then and insists why he is tensed. Krishna says nothing important. Balram asks him to enjoy his wedding rituals while he handles any upcoming trouble. Krishna emotionally says many times he repeated that elder brother should be like Balram Dau, else no.

Asur reaches Radha’s room while she is asleep and requests Krishna to come and save his Radha as he came here to save his family from Kans. He spits fire on Radha. Krishna enters and shields Radha. Asur apologizes Krishna and says his intention was wrong. Krishna says his earlier intention was wrong and not this one. Asur requests Krishna to show his true identity and give him mukti. Krishna shows his Narayan avatar.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that we all feel nervous before performing any big task, if it was bad, then god would not have infused fear in people’s heart; whenever they feel fear, it means there would be many hurdles and they need to be courageous to face all hurdles.

Precap: Vrishbhan waits for Ugrapath to perform wedding rituals. Ayan emotionally blackmails Ugrapath that he is taking sanyas as he could not get his Radha. Ugrapath promises that he will marry Radha for sure.

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