RadhaKrishn 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Helping Nature

RadhaKrishn 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kans does havan to find out Devaki’s 8th son’s location when Krishna throws pebble from Gokul and it falls on havan pot and breaks it. Kans fumes in anger and orders to call potter who prepared this pot. Guard says Barsana’s potter made this pot and calls Potter and his whole community. Kans says potter because of him, he could not find Devaki’s 8th son’s location, he can easily throw him in same havan. Potter shivers in fear. Kans says he is sparing him and orders that he and his whole clan cannot do pottery whole life and if he wants to shift to some other place for living, he cannot even do that.

In Gokul, Gopis dance and sing in Krishna love, but stop when they hear Krishna playing flute/bansuri remembering Radha. Balram hears Krishna’s bansuri and

once he finishes and asks why did he tell baba that he will go to nearby market in Haat to get pots, since when he became so obedient. Krishna says he is grown up now and wants to take up responsibilities. Balram asks if Radha is coming to Haat. Krishna smiles. Balram says Radha has forgotten him, then how will he meet her. Krishna smiles more.

In Barsana, potter explains village mukhiya/head Vrishbhan about Kans punishment and pleads to convince king Kans to let them work, else how will they survive. Vrishbhan stands helplessly. Radha enters and says Baba is mukhiya of whole village and has everyone’s responsibilities, so he cannot go against Kans, but she is not restricted with any responsibility, so she can help him. Her younger brother confronts her and says she is Baba’s favorite does not mean she will put baba into trouble. Radha says if she does not help potter, he will die here in hunger, so she will go and sell pots in Haat for him while Baba goes and seeks forgiveness from Kans for potter. Vrishbhan says it is impossible, he trusts Radha, but not Kans soldiers. Radha says Kans soldiers will not know pots are from Barsana. Vrishbhan says a few guards will accompany her. She agrees and hugs him happily. Radha prepares pots with potters and asks old lady how is her prepared pot. Woman says it is as good as her heart. Her friend asks if they are doing right. Radha says absolutely, she senses something good happening there.

Krishna travel in bullock cart which Balram rides and asks Balram why he is driving cart so slowly. Balram says he wants to enjoy the cool breeze. Krishna says love cannot wait and he is eager to meet Radha. He snaps his fingers. Bulls run fast. Krishna says he is eager to meet Radha and cannot wait.

Precap: Krishna meets Radha and thinks he has entered Radha’s eyes and it is time to get into her heart. He tells her that he loves a Barsana girl. She throws pot on him. He holds hit. They run holding each other’s hand.

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  1. Rishika

    Thank you soo much for the super fast update MA. Finally they are gonna meet thankyou for the update

  2. Finally………they r gonna meet…..vrry excited bout what’s going to happen next……

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