RadhaKrishn 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Takes The Stage

RadhaKrishn 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna dances around Radha surprising Radha and viewers. Viewers clap and praise his dance. Krishna offers dandiya to Radha and they both dance on Radha serial’s title track. Everyone watch their dance jovially. Radha dances with Krishna looking at Krishna and reminiscing dancing with him in Golok. They both get engrasped into each other’s eyes. People praise them while Krishna leaves and Radha stands silently.

Balram with Ayan kidnaps Bhairav and orders him to go away before he gets angry. Bhairav asks why he is against him, let Kanha come. Ayan says Dau/Balram also does not him to marry Sudevi, so he should go, else.. Balram stops him and asks not to use violence. Ayan says let us tie him in this room till Sudevi’s wedding completes. Balram asks to wait. Krishna’s

friends bring groom. Balram says Kahna tells one should not delay any task. Ayan stands shocked.

Radha follows Krishna and says he tricked, he knew dance and was acting, where did he learn dance. Krishna says she taught him and forgot. She says she wants to thank his girlfriend. He asks how will she thank herself. She asks what.. He says his girlfriend is not here. Radha says she knows he does not have any girlfriend and made Bhairav as his girlfriend. Krishna says she knew about it. She says being with him, she learnt his tactics.

Balram ties Ayan. Ayan says he knew it Krishna’s plan. Balram says Ayan will be tied in this room till Bhairav and Sudevi’s wedding completes. Sudevi and Bhairav’s wedding starts. Krishna tells Radha that Sudevi is marrying Bhairav, he fulfillled his promise. Radha says it is wrong, she will expose truth. Krishna says she should not and reminds her of consequences. She does not budge. He says she should remember her fear, fear teaches them to distinguish between right and wrong. Their argument starts. Radha finally stops last pheras and lifts groom’s sehra. Everyone are shocked to see Bhairav. Sudevi asks what is he doing as groom.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that it is a beautiful book, but whatever written in it is true or what, if they want to know its authenticity, they have to read it and give time; similarly, they cannot judge a person with his/her appearance, they have to understand a person and spend time with him/her, but they don’t understand a person and blame that their love betrayed them. Love is not a dish of 2 minutes, they have to give time to each other to understand each other.

Precap: Radha stops people from harming Bhairav and says he was acting on Krishna’s order and asks Krishna to tell truth. Krishna says he is also unaware. Radha keeps Balram’s hand on Yashoda’s head and asks to tell truth now.

Update Credit to: MA

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