RadhaKrishn 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahadev and Sri Krishna’s War

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Banasur tells Balram that he had snatched Krishna’s weapon from Sam before defeating him, so if Balram wants to fight with him even now. Balram asks Krishna how to face Narayan’s sudarshan chakra now. Krishna says it can be avoided if he prays with love. Balram kneels down and prays. Sudarshan chakra stops. Banasur is shocked and asks how can this happen. Krishna says with love anything can be avoided and takes back sudarshan. Banasur says he tricked and took back sudarshan chakra, what will he do now. Radha on the other side prays Mahadev and hopes Krishna keeps his calm and doesn’t find until its necessary. Krishna says he will use a special weapon which can change the whole world, love; he has seen Mahabhrath and destroyal, so he requests to stop this war as they can solve their problems peacefully and he should leave his sons and grandsons. Banasur asks if he is pleading him. Krishna says yes and requests to stop this war. Sam thinks Krishna is changing his pawns, hhe kept Chitralekha alive to mislead Radha and bring her here. Chitralekha walks to Radha and requests her to come to battlefield and stop war as Anirudh and Pradyumna want her to come there and stop Krihna. Radha says he is in pooja and cannot come there. Chitralekha says she has special powers and take her to Krishna as wherever Krishna is, Radha should be there. Radha agrees and holds her hand. She takes Radha to battlefield at Banasur’s side. Banasur laughs and thinks Sam wanted to give this special weapon, Sam is more wicked than Krihna and gave him Radha. He orders Krishna to accept his defeat as his biggest Radha is with him and his win is inevitable now.

Krishna warns him to free everyone, else. Banasur asks what will he do when his weapons are with him, Mahadev is with him, his sons are with him, Radha is with him; he should accept defeat and leave Dwarka if he wants hiss life. Krishna says he would have spared him if he had taken his life, but he kidnapped his sons, grandsons, and Radha; he will forgive him for that. Mahadev tells Gowri mata that Krishna has to fight now inevitably. Gowri mata fears that their fight will destory the world. Krishna orders Banasur to stop peaking and attack. Banasur attacks him with gadha and Krishna’s other weapons. Krishna absorbs all his weapons. Banasur yells he tricked and took away his away. Krishna says he took back his weapons and asks what will he do now. Banasur says he will use the biggest weapon of the world, one who consumed halahal and one can bring flood in the world. He calls Mahadev and requests to help him fight against Krishna. Radha pleads Krishna not to fight with Mahadev. Krishna says he has to perform his karma. Radha asks him to promise that they will be together whatever may happen. Krishna promises him.

Banasur requests Mahadev to fight with Krishna. Mahadev says he is a fool to fight with Sri Krishna and will be remembered as a fool who used his god as a weapon. He apologizes Krishna and says its time to use his rudra avatar. Krishna asks him to follow his karma. Mahadev takes his rudra avatar. Krishna also picks his weapon. Suryadev emerges and requests them to stop their fight, else world is melt with their anger. Mahadev says their fight is inevitable. Suryadev suggests them to fight in universe then. They fly to universe. Banasur thinks Krishna will come back on earth now. Sam also gets happy that his biggest enemy Krishna will be dead. Krishna and Mahadev each universe and hope they stop fighting each other and throws weapons on each other. Sam thinks he knew Krishna has special powers. Radha requests Krishna to end this war soon. Krishna’s soul tells Mahadev to attack him and end his war. Mahadev says he cannot fight with his respectable. Krishna say he is god and cannot back off. Mahadev says he is Mahadev’s respectable and cannot lose. Krishna says he is in human form and can accept defeat, but not god Mahadev. Mahadev agrees. Their fight continues. Mahadev throws trishul as per Krishna’s order. Krishna throws his sudarshan chakra. Radha says she will die if Krishna dies. Balram says he is seeing a big flood on the way. Trishul hits Krishna and he turns blue with its poison and writhes in pain.

Precap: Radha requests Mahadev and Krishna to stop their fight. Mahadev fays he is follows nature’s rules. Radha reminds Mahadev’s promise not to harm Krishna with his trishul, so he should follow his promise.

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