RadhaKrishn 30th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Leela/Magic

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Radha is surprised to see herself as cow and standing on Barsana’s road. Krishna spends quality time alone with Jamvati and plays bansuri for her. Jamvati says she is feeling like Radha and is very happy that he is with her and played bansuri for her and not Radha. Krishna says he plays bansuri for love and she felt love today. She asks if cows come to him feeling his love. He says anyone who loves him will come running to him. She says she is experiencing that pain today. He says when she can feel his love, she will understand his words; she is not doing right to his son. She asks what he means. He says she should see what Sam is doing and should stop him when he does anything wrong, as a parents they should not only pamper their children but also scold when they do wrong. She says he is telling this as he didn’t understand Sam’s mind yet. He says he wants to understand it via her. She says she wants to hear bansuri again and bring flowers for him. He agrees. Radha as cow thinks she is experiencing the pleasure of being a cow. Jamvati goes to bring flowers when a tiger/tiger attacks her and she runs and hides in cave and pleads Krishna for help. Krishna walks near tiger and says Sam became tiger as per his wish, he shouldn’t dare to attack him as it his magic. He tells Jamvati that he has to sacrifice someone for that. She asks him to do whatever he wants to save. Krishna says if that is her wish, he will fulfil it. He plays bansuri. Radha as cow walks towards him hearing bansuri sound and seeing tiger thinks when Krishna knows tiger is here, then why did he call her here; whatever it is, Krishna doesn’t do anything without good intention. She walks towards tiger and runs in opposite direction. Tiger Sam thinks whatever cow does, he will prey her.

Krishna calls Jamvati out. Jamvati comes out and asks where did tiger go. Krishna shows her tiger trying to attack cow and says she should know that Sam wished to become a tiger and Radha wished to become a cow, Radha came here to risk her life for him and protect Jamvati as per his wish. Jamvati says he is right that she needs to feel like Radha to understand her, but why was Sam attacking her. Krishna says Sam just knows to attack as his heart is full of hatred and he cannot distinguish between mother or anyone, Radha is ready to sacrifice herself for him as she loves him selflessly. Jamvati says she now realized Radha’s love and asks how to save her now. Krishna asks her to just wait and watch what Radha will do. Radha runs and tiger follows her saying she cannot escape. Radha stops and says she him wants to fulfill her wish before he attacks her. He agrees and asks what is it. She says she wants to go to Barsana and feed her calves once and then will return to him. He asks how to trust her. She promises. He lets her go ordering her to return in 1 pahar/shift hours. Jamvati tells Krishna that her son is kind and let Radha go, she is sure that her son will spare Radha.

Mata Gowri feels emotional seeing Radha’s sacrifice and requests Mahadev to show what will happen to Radha. Mahadev says he cannot do that as Krishna wouldn’t like it, she can just wait and watch. Radha reaches Barsana and thinks she feels Krishna’s love in Barsana’s each atom. Jamvati with Krishna reaches there and says she is acting seeing them. Krishna says Radha doesn’t even know they are here, can Jamvati selflessly love like Radha. Jamvati says more than Radha.

Precap: Sudama realizes Radha in cow Bhola’s disguise. Jamvati asks Krishna how can Sudama see disguised Radha. Krishna says its his magic and he decides who can see whom. Radha returns to tiger who jumps to attack her.

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