RadhaKrishn 30th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Tells A Story To Radha

RadhaKrishn 30th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha sees Krishna as fish in her pot and asks Krishna what is happening, why only she is awake and she is him in fish. Krishna says he made sunrise 1 hour earlier and made her see him in fish; if she wants to know about his truth or just follow Ugrapath’s order and go 7 steps away from him. Radha says she cannot go away from him even if she wants. He says he will tell her Lakshmi and Narayan’s story. Radha says he wanted to reveal who he is, then why he wants to tell Lakshmi Narayan’s story. Krishna says their story is related to Lakshmi and Narayan’s 7 lives and 7 stories. He starts story where Narayan rests on his bed in ocean when Lakshmi walks to him and he calls her chanchala/naughty. She asks not to call her chanchala. He says she is naughty like a kid and smiles. She says whenever problem arises, he smiles. Brahmaji emerges just then and informs that evil Madhuketap’s sins are increasing and soon flood will start, he has to do something soon. Lakshmi says Narayan will not go anywhere from here. Brahma says Narayan is creator of universe and he has to solve this problem. Narayan says Lakshmi is his energy and he will not go anywhere without her wish. Brahmaji disappears. Raja Satyvrath does yagna and requests Narayan to emerge and save them from upcoming flood, while his wife and children stand nearby crying. Lakshmi requests Narayan to go and help Satyavrath as she cannot see his children and wife crying. Narayan says how can he go without her will. She says she realized what he meant earlier and he should go and help Satyavrath. Satyvarath tries to sacrifice himself in havan fire seeing no hope of Narayan’s help when Narayan emerges from water pot as small fish. Satyavrath asks how will he help them in small form. Narayan turns huge and informs him that flood will come after a week, so he should make a big boat and get all creatures and humans on boat which he will drive; his body will enlarge with Madhuketap’s increasing sins each day. Narayan tells Lakshmi that they will spread love in the universe with 7 births.

Krishna stops his story. Radha asks him to continue. Krishna says 1 hour has finished and people must be coming here. Ayan and Jatila bring villagers along to prove Radha impure as she is always with Krishna and loves him instead of her husband Ayan. Krishna turns back as fish and jumps into Radha’s pot. Radha smiles. Ayan asks what is she doing here. She says she is filling water as per her daily routine and walks away smiling. She reaches home. Ugrapath asks her where are Ayan and Jatila. She says near lake bed. Ugrapath asks her to be with him till Ganesh Chaturti festival finishes and help him in his tasks. She agrees and walks into kitchen. She shows fish to Shuka and says Krishna has sent him new friend. Shuka rejoices. Radha thinks she has to meet Krishna and know rest of the story.

Balram sees Krishna walking and asks what is he doing. Krishna says he is seeing Radha everywhere and he wants Balram’s help to meet Radha as she is eager to know rest of story.

Precap: Balram disguises as Radha takes her place while Radha meets Krishna. Jatila and Ayan follow Balram and think Radha is not at home at all.

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