RadhaKrishn 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha, Krishna’s Rebirth On Earth

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Voiceover says Radha left Golok and Krishna without showing his emotion stood silently. On earth, Radha’s birth will happen on Brijbhumi’s most auspicious family of Gwala/cowherd Vrishbhan’s home. People dance and sing. Vrisbhaan joins them. His wife Kirtida gives birth to a baby girl Radha. Vrishbhaan happily announces to gift golden cow to all his friends and relatives. His mother nervously informs that a baby girl is born. He says it is joyful news and asks to inform everyone that Lakshmi has arrived. Vrishbhan’s friend pandit gets worried seeing something unique on sky. Vrishbhan walks to Kirtida and thanks her for giving him beautiful daughter, he will pamper her daughter whole life. He sees her not opening eyes. His mother says she wanted to inform same that

baby did not open eyes at all. Kirtida says their dream came true after so many years and their dream cannot see them at all.

Vrishbhan does charity among people. People discuss Vrishbhan is controlling his emotions, but what about Kirtida, she got this baby after so many years, ho will she hide her sorrow. Pandit asks Vrishbhan what should he name the baby. Someone suggests to name it Dhara/tributary as girl leaves parent’s house. Brijbhan says his daughter is not a tributary which leaves its root, she is the one who will return, so her name is Radha who will spread love and peace in the world. Someone comments baby filled salty water in his eyes, but he is naming her Radha. Vrishbhan says Lakshmi resides on salty ocean and 11 pearls are found in ocean itself, she will bring a ray of light in everyone’s life. Vrishbhan then tries his best with all sort of treatments to make Radha open her eyes, but she does not. Finally, they hear about a very famous vadiya/doctor in Mathura and head towards Mathura in cart on a rainy night. Kirtida says it is a stormy night and she does not think they can reach Mathura. Cart driver also says same. Vrishbhan says he will not give up so easily. In a flashback, Radha before leaving Golok Radha says she will lose her memory on earth and will forget Krishna for sometime, he should feel sad. Krishna promises he will not.

In jail, Yashoda gives birth to baby boy Krishna. Vasudev holds baby in hands and congratulates Yashoda for giving birth to baby boy who is glowing like a diamond. Yashoda hopes this baby’s fate should be not like her other brothers, else her brother kans will kill even this baby and asks him to go and drop baby away silently. He says he is helpless as jail doors are closed. On the other side, Radha smiles when Krishna comes on earth. Kirtida says she is tensed seeing dark jungle, but their daughter is smiling. Cart breaks down and they all are thrown out of it and fall unconscious. Radha cries vigorously.

Jail doors open. Vasudev carries Krishna and walks out of jail. He reaches jail and sees its full due to storm. He puts baby in a basket and carries it. Seshnag/5 mouthed snake forms a protective barrier like umbrella on Krishna and walks behind Vasudev, protecting Krishna from drenching in rain. Radha is seen crying continuously while her parents fall unconcious. Vasudev reaches other side of Yamuna river and leaves Krishna in Gokul.

Precap: Yashoda holding baby Krishna says she got an unique son. Putna rakshasi demoness smirks at Krishna. Radha and Krishna meet after 16 years.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Swetalina Priyadarshini

    Radha did not open her eyes bcoz in Golok when she separated from krishna, she promised him, she gathered all their memory in her eyes nd she will not open her eyes untill she meet krishna.But it was really sad, her father vrishvanu nd mother kirtida were not alive. 🙁

  2. Swetalina Priyadarshini

    Seriously very heart touching story nd eagerly waiting for the “PREMLILA” of Radha nd Krishna. 😉

  3. Swetalina Priyadarshini

    I m really sry for the mistake what i hv written in 1st cmnt about the dead of Radha’s mother nd father. But the real fact is they were alive. Sryy guys….

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