RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Achyuta Avatar

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Sam creates night to destroy Rishi Sandipani’s protective barrier and defeat him. Krishna walks in saying when his son can create night, he can create day and calls Suryadev. He recreates protective barrier around rishi Sandipani’s ashram. Sam gets angry seeing barrier again and gathers power to destroy it. Radha stops him. He asks her to move aside as he cannot hold the energy for long. He asks her to throw it on her. He throws it up which creates a storm, and he runs away asking Radha to run away before this energy harms her. Radha gets trapped in storm and falls. Krishna holds her and walks out of storm lifting her. Radha gets happy seeing him and asks if he came to save her. He says he has to as she is very precious. She asks about Sam. He says Sam is fine as he is very powerful. Sam clears stones on him and walks out. He says he will stay back and correct Sam. Radha asks how. He closes her eyes and disguises as Achyuta.

Sam reaches them. Radha opens eyes and gets happy seeing Achyuta. Sam asks who is she. Radha says she is happy to meet Achyuta. Achyuta says even she is. Guru Sandipani with Anirudh, Ulmukh, and Nishath. Anirudh asks Sam where was he, they were worried. Sam says he went to jungle to get items for havan and got lost there; when he tried to get, a huge storm emerged. Radha says Achyuta destroyed that storm. Achyuta seeing Rishi Sandipani says Sandipani is Narayan’s devotee and Narayan did this and his energy tribled today. Sandipani says he is right. Sam asks Achyuta again who is she. Achyuta says she is Radha’s friend. Sam feels weird seeing old Achyuta. Achyuta asks Radha to feed her something as she is hungry. Radha serves her food, and she finishes it all. Sam thinks she finished ashram’s whole food. Achyuta says food is tasty, else he was tired having only makhan since years. Radha says she should have 2 more pooris. Achyuta says she will have 20 pooris.

After food, Achyuta makes Anirudh and others press her legs and Sam fan her air. Radha asks her reason for coming. Achyuta says she heard Rishi Sandipani needs a female tutor for his ashram, so she came to share her knowledge. Rishi says all teaches ran away due to Sam’s mischiefs and even she will run away in 4 days. Achyuta says let her see how much mischievous Sam is and will stay for more than 4 days. Rishi agrees and walks away. Sam follows him and reminds him of his promise to send him home if he defeats him. Achyuta asks when did he defeat Rishi as his magical stone and barrier are still intact. Sam is surprised to see that. Sam says she doesn’t know him well. Achyuta she knows his whole family, he father Krishna, mother Jamvati, grandfather Jamvant and in fact defeated Jamvant in wrestling once. Sam smirks and says let him see what all she teaches him. Achyuta/Krishna thinks he is Sam’s father and needs to teach him important lessons.

Krishna walks to kitchen and asks Radha what is she preparing. She asks if he cannot smell. He says he wants to hear from her. She says he will know when she serves him and says Sam is mischievous, but learns quickly, so he shouldn’t be harsh on him. Krishna says parents never get harsh on their children and their anger is towards themselves that they couldn’t give their children proper guidance. Their discussion continues and she feeds him bhog.

Precap: Achyuta challenges students to try and lift her leg from ground. Anirudh, Nishath, and Ulmukh try and fail. Sam in lieu of trying punches Achyuta’s leg and injures it. Radha thinks what did he do. Achyuta feels pain.

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