RadhaKrishn 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Clever Plan

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RadhaKrishn 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna meets Radha and asks what is she doing here. She says she should ask him this instead and asks if he did not get her letter. He says yes, he does whatever she wishes. Radha asks how will she break alliance after meeting the boy. Krishna asks if she trusts her. She says more than herself. He says until she meets boy, how will she know any defect in her, she cannot reject alliance without any solid reason. She says she will find may defects in boy. He asks to tell only truth, else nobody will like boy. She says thanks for coming and walks way. Krishna says when Radha calls, he will always come. Radha return home. Kirtida asks if she met Krishna, what did he say. Radha says Krishna loves her a lot and will break alliance for her. Radha says it is too late now. Radha says Krishna will not let any mishap happen.

Balram hugs Krishna and apologizes for misunderstanding him. Radha with her friends waits to meet boy. Once he comes, friends taunt Radha that her most awaited moment has arrived. Radha meets boy and questions him if he lies. He says no. She continues questioning and asks if he stole anytime. He says yes. She gets happy that her baba will not let her marry a thief. Boy says he stole laddoos. Radha gets disappointed. She asks if he loves someone. He says his sister. She asks what about his parents. He says no. She thinks this reason is enough to reject him. Boy says he prays his parents. She asks if he will help someone get rid off fear. Boy says yes. She asks if he can get flower from Durgam mountain for her. He says he will try. She asks if he will protect his wife. He says wife is life and he will protect his life. Krishna signals Radha and claps. Radha walks to him. Krishna says Vrishbhan uncle searched a best match for her. Radha asks to stop joking and help her find a defect in boy. Krishna asks to marry then. Radha asks how can he say that, he knows she loves him. Krishna says he knows she does not want to marry boy and herself has to find solution as she has defect and not boy. Radha asks what defect she has. He says they are countless and he will spend his life counting them. Radha says his suggestion is good, boy will not marry her if he finds a defect in her. She asks how he finds solution for her problem always. Krishna says it is their problem, not only hers.

Yashoda serves juice to boy’s family. Jatila tensely thinks where Radha is, if she does not accept for marriage, Ayan will be in trouble. She clashes with Yashoda. Yashoda asks what happened to her, where is Ayan. Ayan’s father says he is ill, so went to meet vaidya in Mathura. Nand suggests him to show Ayan to nearby vaidya. Jatila fumes.

Radha frightens boy that she does mischieves always and he should tolerate her and get her whatever she wants. Boy nervously asks what if she does not get her desired thing. She says she gets angry and punishes whoever disobeys her. Krishna thinks she is right. Boy gets afraid. Kirtida walks in and asks if their conversation is finished. Radha says she was informing about her. Boy afraidly walks away. Krishna smiles. Radha rejoins everyone. Vrishbhan asks if she examined boy thoroughly. Radha says boy does not have any defect. Boy says he is ready to marry Radha. Radha gets tensed.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that life throws stone on them thinking as bad, useless, etc, it is up to them whether to bear stones or make a bridge from stones and walk on it; one who forgets this thinking will be in trouble and one who remembers it will sail through; their thinking is their enemy.

Precap: Radha tells Krishna that she cannot confront Baba,he should do somethingand cancel her alliance. Vrishban reaches there and finds Radha hiding.

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