RadhaKrishn 2nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Praises Radha

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RadhaKrishn 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

When Radha informs Ayan that she mortgaged her village and house to get 500 grocery carts to pay Kans’ taxes, Ayan shouts how can she do this. Radha says she felt that was the only way left. Nand says what Radha did was right.
Ayan asks who is the lender. Radha says it is a secret. Everyone praise Radha except Krishna. Ayan and Jatila walk to Kans who fumes that his soldiers never returned without killing enemy, today they returned empty handed because of them. They both blame Krishna. Kans warns them not to blame krishna for their failure. Ayan asks he should tell what they should do now. Radha returns to Vrishbhan who praises her presence of mind. Radha thinks even baba praised her, but not Krishna. Krishna enters with Nand and asks Vrishbhan how is his health. Vrisbhan says

he is better now. Krishna suggests him that he will get well soon if he rests well. He walks away saying he has some important work. Kirtida asks Radha how will she pay such a big loan. Radha asks her not to worry as she will handle everything and walks away.

Jatila insists Ayan to apologize Radha. Ayan asks why should he. Jatila says he questioned Radha’s competency and hurt her ego, which they had to turn into arrogance, he knows how important Radha is to them and asks to go and apologize h er. Radha walks on street fuming that Kans did not apologize her at all. Ayan walks to her and apologizes for questioning her competency. Radha hears Krishna’s bansuri and walks away saying she will speak to him later, thinking at least now wants to praise her. She walks to Krishna and leans on his shoulder. Ayan follows her and burns in anger seeing that. Once Krishna finishes playing bansuri, Radha asks what he wants to say. Krishna says he does not have anything to say and just wanted to meet her. Radha gets more angry and thinks whatever he says, he will have to praise her. She asks if he did not see whole Barsana praised her intelligence. Krishna says what is great in that. Radha says even her baba praised her. Krishna says he was present there, he also felt good hearing her praises. Radah insists him to praise her once. Krishna says he does and not just says, whatever she did was right given the situation. He shows her special kheer and says it is her gift. Radha says it is so tasty, nobody praised her so uniquely till now, offers him kheer and runs. Krishna runs behind her. Radha then sits and feeds kheer to Krishna. Krishna feeds her back. Ayan gets more jealous seeing that.

Ayan tells his mother that they and Kans worked so hard to induce arrogance in Radha, but Krishna just fed her kheer and calmed her down. Jatila says that is what happens in love, which Ayan could not gain. She says they have to backfire Radha’s effort on her and need to find out who lent grocery carts to Radha. Radha returns home and serves halwa to her parents and Krishna’s parents and asking them to enjoy it while chatting walks away. Krishna, Balram, Chandravali and Radha’s friends eagerly wait for her. Chandravali says Radha did not come yet. Balram sits next to Krishna and when Radha enters Krishna asks him to move aside as it is Radha’s place. Radha instead of walking to him climbs stage to address them all. Balram asks Krishna that is happening. Krishna says Radha is blindfolded by arrogance now.

Krishna gives moral gyan that they have to control horse even if it is trained well, similarly they have to control their mind with self-conscience repeatedly as their self-conscience will lead them to happiness eventually.

Precap: Radha discusses her plan to her friends that they will organize a mela during navratri festival and collect money. Balram tells Krishna it is impractical. Krishna says Radha is blindfolded by arrogance now and cannot see that.

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