RadhaKrishn 29th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Meets Rishi Durvasa

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Rishi Durvasa finds the meditation spot on mountain cliff he was waiting since years and informs his disciples that he is going for meditation for 11 days and they should take care of ashram till he returns. Radha asks if rishi Durvasa announced punishment and left for meditation. Disciple says no, they have to stay here till rishi Durvasa returns and announces punishment. Krishna says he will not stay here. Ayan says instead of being cursed and losing life, it is better to stay here. Radha also insists him. Krishna agrees. Disciple says they need to follow chastity for 11 days till rishi Durvasa returns. They all 3 agrees. At night, Krishna walks into Radha’s room. She asks what is he doing here. He asks if she has some butter left. She says she cannot give him butter as her husband ordered not to give their food to him. Krishna says they are staying here for 11 days and should work together. Radha asks if he did all the drama to see her away from home for 11 days. Krishna asks why she thinks so and walks out. She hands him butter pot and closes door.

Jatila informs Kans that Krishna with Radha and Ayan has gone to rishi Durvasa’s ashram to accept punishment and rishi Durvasa has gone for meditation on mountain cliff for 11 days. Kans says he will make rishi Durvasa curse Krishna.

Back in ashram, Ayan tells disciples that he and Radha will serve ashram for 11 days and someone can go and protect rishi Durvasa while he is meditating for 11 days. Disciple says it is best punishment for arrogant Krishna. Krishna accepts punishment whole heartedly, reminiscing giving his Narayan form’s darshan to rishi Durvasa who thanks him and requests him that he is going for meditation for 11 days from tomorrow and since Krishna came in human form to accept punishment, if he can protect him for 11 days so that he does not get angry and curse Krishna. Krishna agrees.

Radha and Ayan clean whole ashram. Disciple praises Radha and asks Radha and Ayan to prepare a grass throne for rishi Durvasa before he returns. Ayan goes to get grass. Radha thinks Ayan and her don’t love each other and their love is not pure, so how can she prepare throne with Ayan. Krishna walks in with grass thinking Radha and Krishna will prepare throne. He hides after keeping grass. Radha prepares throne and seeing Krishna later asks what is he doing here.

Krishna gives moral gyaan with a sholka and says if there was no night, would they understand value of sunlight; if there was no hunger, would they value food; there is nothing wrong in this world, else god would not have let anything bad in this world; it defies value of goodness, turn from darkness to light, hatred to love, etc.

Precap: Kans tells Ayan that he got him married to Radha, but Radha still loves Krishna. Ayan insists Radha to sleep in her room.

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