RadhaKrishn 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Shalv’s Devious Desire

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Balram goes to meet Durvasa with his charioteer disguised as Krishna. Shalv with his soldiers surround him. Balram asks what is he doing here and reminds how Krishna killed his bestfriend Sishupal. Shalv expresses his desire to become Dwarka’s king after killing Krishna and Balram. Balram says Dwarka citizens will not accept his as king. He walks to Krishna’s disguise and boasting to kill him unveils his face and gets angry seeing someone else. Balram defeats Shalv’s soldiers and says they are not fools to not understand his devious plan. Shav escapes with his remaining soldiers. Balram stops his solders from pursuing Shalv and says he just wanted to know Shalv’s plan. Shalv meets Shukracharya and says Balram ruined his plan. Shukracharya says they will defeat Krishna and Balram with one plan. Shalv says he doesn’t need his plan anymore as he has a biggest weapon now. Shukracharya asks what is it. Shalv opens a trunk and grins.

Balram returns to Dwarka and asks his team to search Krishna. Radha says he told he will serve Krishna. Balram says he thought so, but Krishna didn’t return after so much happened. Radha thinks where he must have gone. Shalv unveils hypnotized Krishna. Shukracharya asks how did Krishna come here. Shalv says he befriended Krishna defeat him. Shukracharya says he betrayed him and hence he will create problems in his life. Krishna kneels down and greets Shukracharya as gurudev. Shukracharya says he cannot be Krishna as Krishna will not accept him as guru. Krishna laughs. Shalv reveals that he is an asur Kaptasur. Kaptasur asks Shukracharya if he is shocked to see him as Krishna copy, imagine how will Dwarka citizens react. Shukracharya says he is Krishna’s exact copy. Kaptasur says he can become whatever he wants to in seconds and becomes Shalv, Shukracharya, and much more. Shalv says he had hidden Kaptasur from the world and will rule Dwarka via Kaptasur. Shukracharya says Radha will identify him for sure as nobody knows Krishna better than her. Shalv asks him to use his powers and tricks. Shukracharya says he will give Kaptasur immense powers that even Krishna cannot identify him, he can go and rule on Dwarka. Kaptasur thanks him.

Radha cries thinking where did Krishna go and why didn’t he return even with her bansuri sound. She imagines walking to her and hugging her. She asks where had he gone. He says she need not know about it and should be happy that her Krishna is back to her. She continues her anger. He calms her down with his sugar coated talks. Balram with his army searches Krishna and protects Dwarka border. Radha wakes up in the morning and tells Krishna that they should return to Dau as he was searching him. They reach Balram. Radha says Krishna has returned. Balram walks to him and asks where is Kanha as he cannot see anyone. Radha also is shocked and thinks it was her imagination.

Precap: Kaptasur falls for Radha’s beauty and thinks of getting her at any cost. He breaks peacock feather and thinks just like this feather, Dwarka also will break into pieces. Radha gets angry seeing broken feather.

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