RadhaKrishn 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Has A Plan

RadhaKrishn 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha serves food to Krishna. Ayan stops her. Krishna says he is not hungry and will fill his tummy with water. Radha says even she is not hungry. Ayan says she is his wife and should taste food for him. Radha picks a bite hesitantly. Krishna thinks she will not have food without him, so he has to do something. He snaps finger. Gopis walk to him. Krishna asks what are they doing here. They say they are happy to see him after a long time. Ayan asks what are they doing in this jungle. Krishna says his grandparent’s village is nearby and these Gopi’s are from there. Gopis say coincidentally they are carrying his favorite food, kheer and makhan/butter and if would like to have it. Krishna asks them to feed him. They feed him while Radha jealously notices. Krishna asks Radha to have food now and tells Ayan that he will go and wash his hands in river. Ayan says they cannot wait and will move. Krishna reminds evil spirits roam around here, so they should be careful.

Krishna hides behind tree and frightens Ayan by roaring like a lion. Ayan gets afraid and climbs tree and while getting down falls down and loses consciousness. Krishna returns and tells Radha that Ayan is so weak hearted and collapsed hearing lion sound, now lion is gone. He then says he saw her not eating as he did not eat, so it is proved she still love him. Radha says she is married to Ayan already and cannot love him. Krishna says love does not mean they should be together physically, it is over by heart and soul, he will continue to love her for life. She gives her point, and he continues explaining what he feels.

Jatila meets Kans and informs that Krishna with Radha and Ayan has headed towards rishi Durvsa’s ashram. Kans says he will provoke rishi Durvasa to curse Krishna. Krishna with Radha and unconscious Ayan reaches rishi Durvasa’s ashram and loudly asks if someone is here. Rishi Durvasa’s meditation breaks and he shouts who dare to spoil his meditation. His disciples ask Krishna to keep silent and where is third person. Krishna shows unconscious Ayan in cart. Disciples wake up Ayan.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that we have an excuse always that whatever we want to do is already done by someone else, example a pooja thali is already arranged, so there is no need to arrange it; instead of thinking what has already happened, one should thinks what else we can do and contribute, light lamp; there is no work in the world that is complete and one can always took for add-on.

Precap: Krishna asks why did rishi Durvasa go without cursing him, he wants to back from here. Disciple says rishi Durvasa has gone for meditation on mountain cliff for 11 days and they all 3 cannot leave ashram before that. Krishna insists he will go. Disciple as a punishment asks Krishna to protect rishi Durvasa for 11 days while he meditates.

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