RadhaKrishn 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Satyabhama Meets Krishna

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RadhaKrishn 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha suggests Rukmini not to make Satyabhama’s image so big that it overpowers her mind. Rukmini says she doesn’t know all that, she just wants to stop Krishna from meeting Satyabhama and walks away searching Krishna. Radha hopes if she could help him. Krishna walks to temple and asks pandits what are they doing. Pandit says they are praying Narayan as Dwarka citizens are bitten by greed. Krishna says they should close their eyes and pray Narayan. They all close eyes while Krishna finishes all bhog/food and asks them to open eyes. They rejoice that Narayan accepted their bhog and prayers and walk away. Radha watching that asks why did he eat bhog, if he thinks he is Narayan. He says yes, he means Narayan stays in each man and Lakshmi in each woman. Radha says he is expert in building words. Rukmini walks in next and says Satyabhama boasts that she is more beautiful than me, so she wants Krishna to promise her that he will not meet Satyabhama. Krishna promise he will not until she herself says so.

Satrajit’s brother Prasen in jungle thanks his friends for helping him protect Syamantak mani and says let us go home before tiger attacks them. Tiger attacks and kills him. Satrajit eagerly waits and Satyabhama. Satyabhama returns and asks why is he tensed. He says Paresen didn’t return from jungle and he doubts that Krishna or his men must have killed him. She says let us go and confront Krishna.

In Dwarka, Balram sees Krishna awake till late night and asks reason. Krishna says he needs to attend sabha. Balram asks who is call sabha and hearing drum sound asks who is waking up whole Dwarka. Krishna says one who wants sabha. Satrajit with his supporters walks in beating drum and alleges Krishna that Prasen has not returned from jungle, so Krishna must have killed him for mani. Balram warns him to mind his tongue. Krishna leaves seeing Satyabhama coming. Rukmini says she cannot see Krishna being alleged, so she will take back her promise and let Krishna meet Satyabhama. Krishna walks back where Satyabhama alleges that Krishna insulted her father by rejecting her proposal, now he got her uncle killed for mani. Satrajit alleges that Akroor must have killed Prasen in greed of mani as he tried to snatch it once from Satrajit. Akroor says he wanted to watch mani, but didn’t kill anyone. Satyabhama seeks justice and asks if she is not beautiful. He says she is beautiful, but he cannot commit to her, he will send Akroor into jail temporarily till Prasen is found and she and her father can be royal guests till then. He asks Balram to show them their room. Balram takes them away. Rukmini fumes hearing Krishna praising Satyabhama.

Krishna then tells Balram that they need to find Prasen after which a fierce battle will start soon.

Precap: Krishna tells Balram that there is no powerful warrior in the universe than Jamvan from Tretayug. Balram asks if Tretayug’s Jamvan is still alive. Krishna says yes as he as Ram had promised to fight with Jamvan, now there will be a fierce battle beteen Jamvan and him.

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