RadhaKrishn 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Saves Krishna

RadhaKrishn 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna tells Radha that Chandravali is his friend and Radha is his love. Radha asks to stop confusing her with his words and accept truth in front of Chandravali, else. Krishna asks else? Balram rushes to them and says whole Vrindavan has fallen ill. They run towards village. Villagers’ condition gets critical. Nand asks to call more vaidyas. Vaidya says villagers are under unidentified epidemic and soon they will die if medicine is not found. Balram asks Krishna who is behind this mishap. Krishna says Kans mama. Someone informs Vrishbhan about epidemic spread at Vrindavan. Vrishbhan orders to head vaidya, medicines, and other rescue items towards Vrindavan. He also rushes to Vrindavan and consoles Nand. Jatila tells Ayan let us also go and end Krishna. Kans in his palace laughs that

his poison has spread allover and soon Krishna will die.

Krishna walks to cliff end. Balram follows him and asks why did he come here. Krishna says he has to absorb all the poison in him like Mahadev did. Balram sasy he is his elder brother in this life and he will absorb poison. Krishna says he has to bear it and absorbs all poison towards him when Mahadev emerges and says he is habituated to absorbing poison and he has ganga and chandra/moon on his head to calm poison effect. Krishna says he has to perform his duty himself and save his people like Mahadev did. Mahadev says Radha may help him, but even she is born in human form now and has defect of jealousy. Krishna says maybe her jealousy will destroy the poison and Radha becomes pure again. Mahadev agrees and disappears. Krishna absorbs all poison in him and falls ill with blisters around his whole body. Balram pick him and take him home crying.

Vaidya tells Nand that epidemic is fading away itself slowly. Nand gets happy. Radha searches Krishna everywhere and get worried for him. Balram carries unconscious andill Krishna. Yashoda and Nand gets worried for him. Radha is shocked to see Krishna’s condition and cries. Ayan tells Jatila that king Kans was right that Krishna will absorb whole poison in him. Jatila asks to enjoy the moment, they were waiting to see Krishna die.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that they water a plant and don’t think how stem and leaves grow without water, answer is they give water to roots and via it to whole plant; similarly their good deeds will have many positive effects on their lives and one should continue their good deeds.

Precap: Balram pleads Radha to save Krishna. Radha says if he thinks so, she can even sacrifice her life to save Krishna as his life is more dearer to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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