RadhaKrishn 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Radha

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RadhaKrishn 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha confesses her love for Krishna in front of Vishakha and says she cannot spend even a minute without Krishna. Balram tells Krishna that he cannot deny Radha’s love now and cannot name it as attraction. Vishakha suggests Radha to confess her love for Krishna before it is too late as many girls in Barsana must be loving Krishna in their heart and anyone confesses, Radha will be in loss. Radha agrees. Balram tells Krishna it is time to meet Radha. Krishna says not yet as it is Radha’s attraction still and not love. Balram argues it is love and not attraction and gives his promise to meet her. Krishna agrees and says it is Dau’s order and he will not move.

Vrishbhan tells Kirtida that he trusts Radha and she will not go against him. Radha runs towards door to meet Krishna when Vrishbhan stops her and it is time to test her promise, he has fixed her alliance and he knows she will not oppose. Radha stands shocked and looking at Krishna’s gifted protective band reminiscences him telling it will protect her. Vrishbhan mistakes her silence as her approval.

Krishna shatters seeing that. Radha walks to him. He says she should not have come to meet him at this time. Radha says Baba fixed her wedding. Vishakha hurriedly rushes to her and informs that Vrishbhan is calling her. Radha leaves. Krishna sadly returns home. At home, Rohini gives sweets to Yashoda saying Radha’s wedding is fixed. Yashoda gets sad thinking she wanted Radha to marry Krishna. Balram is also shocked hearing that and confronts Krishna that he is Narayan and can do anything with just a snap of fingers, he can change Vrishbhan’s decision. Krishna says he came here to spread love and not change things, he has to accept things as they come.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that human go to any extent to meet their goal and lose their precious thing in that; in ileu of earning wealth, they lose health; they should enjoy what they have and gain what the want.

Precap: Radha tells Kirtida that she and Krishna love each other. Kirtida says if Krishna accepts, she will convince Vrishbhan for their wedding.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. There is so much darkness in this serial .I cannot bear it at all . I fell born as a girl in Indian culture is a curse . I just cry whole nights .this felling is horrible .

    1. No Ruby.. Hope u read this comment without haste or hate.. First calm yourself and then go on.. I guess you might be a teenager.. But not sure.. Even i spent almost 90% nights with tears in my teenage, especially when I was 13-15.. But now I can feel changes in my confidence level because I have the power of Shri Krishna with me.. More powerful than a shaligram..

      It is not a hell being born as a girl in indian culture.. It just your boon.. Only in our culture we can see pure chasty and pious women but never in any part of the world.. Only thing is we did not understand our culture’s true essence.. Especially parents didnt understand properly… Each living being according to hindu dharmshastra has the right to perform its karma of favor and decisions by itself. Every woman in our land had the right to choose her groom of choice.. Best example is swayamvara..

      In this case, even Mata radharani herself we can see.. She has the right to choose but bounded by the relation with her father she could speak up a word against his decision.. But promising him without thinking is her mistake..
      If you recall what happened in Sudevi-Bhairav wedding earlier in this serial you can feel following the orders of your atma will direct yoy in the right way.. But i didnt mean following your heart.. Heart or mind is temporary but atma is permanent.. Feel your atma and surrender yourself to the majestic Paramatma.. Imagine yourself as an atom infront of the universe.. You are also a part of that majesty.. You cant function without him but the fact is you are seeing him through your naked human eyes.. It is time to feel him through your innerself – your identity ie your atma..

      Coming back..
      But many parents feel possessive of their child and only due to the fear that “I cant bear my child repenting thought her life just because chooses the wrong spouse”. This makes them to force on their kids and say as follow my order or promise on me else I will kill you..

      Any parent especially a father cant harm his child especially daughter with his conscience.. But girls in teen and young adult age 13-27 arent understanding it and regard their parents as not understanding their heart or villains..

      I agree in this kaliyuga there are some bad fathers who reject a girl child or even abuse them.. But a dad can never allow a harm to his ladli in his dream..

      I can suggest you a soution.. If you feel your life is a hell then the key to come out is with you.. Simply consider the jagat pita Shri Krishna as your father.. Tell your problems to him.. I BET YOU CAN SEE THE RESULTS.. This is actually how I came out of my problems.. I follow this every time..

      Just say.. I simply hand over all my problems to you lord.. I feel free from all of them as it is now your responsibility..

      But one important fact.. Many of us say this with mouth but keep thinking about what will happen again and again.. That is a blunder mistake.. Hand over it to him wholeheartedly..

      Understand that you are a daughter to mr. X and mrs. X in this birth.. But you are always and forever the child of Paramatma..
      I always feel myself as his daughter..
      Likewise Your pitashri is with you.. Feel his presence.. He will never ever let any harm to you as you are his daughter.. What you feel as your problems will tjrn out to be jokes when you do this for just 1 year..

      You wont believe I even tried suicide attempts many times.. but each time I failed.. One time by drinking ALLOUT mosquito killer.. I didnt even get atleast a slight fever.. Finally I went to pooja room as said I dont wanna live.. Wont you just let me die.. But something changed.. Instead of suicide.. I started pouring out all my problems to the master of the universe.. That night I had a dream, you are my child.. It was my decision that you should take this birth and get all these experiences.. Understand that medicine will always be bitter, if you want to overcome that bitterness then call me each time you feel so.. But never quit.. As nothing wrong will happen to you as I am with you.. Once you have acquired all your experiences you will reach back to me.. Now face everything as my daughter.. I believe that my daughter will always increase my pride..

      Therefore Ruby.. A small advicefrom your sakhi or sister..
      Be open to him and cry out of your heart mind and everything just one time.. I bet he will never let you cry again..

      I hope you will agree with me..

      Radhe Radhe..

    2. One more thing.. Sky needs to get dark and pour out all the darkness as rain to become bright and beautiful. Especially blue in color.. The color of paramatma himself..
      What you feel darkness is just a transition.. It is very much required..

      Radhe Radhe..

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