RadhaKrishn 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Enlightens Balram

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RadhaKrishn 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna and Balram return home. Yashoda hugs them and says good they returned home, but how did he come so early. Krishna says a hidden truth was haunting him and once he found out truth, he returned to his maiya/mother. Yashoda says whatever it is, she is happy to see him back. Balram says she is just pampering Krishna, what about him. She hugs him, and he says her love is incomplete without food, so if she can get him some food. She walks into kitchen. Balram takes aside and asks why did he say love’s biggest and toughest’s phase will start. Krishna explains that he thought Radha married Ayan and is following her marital duty completely, but she still loves Krishna and he is in her heart. Balram says Radha is already married now and how can he talk about love with her. Krishna says everyone think marriage is end of love, but love is far away from marriage, love means total submission and Radha has to totally submit herself. Balram says Radha is also in human form. Krishna says only being in human form Radha can do this, else he and Radha were submissive to each other in Golok, Radha used to taste butter and he used to feel the taste. He continues to enlighten Balram.

Radha tells her parrot that Krishna create a big mess by creating drama today, he should not have done that, because of him, her family was insulted. On the other side, Balram asks Krishna why he created mess yesterday, Rishi Durvasa is very short tempered and has not spared even gods. Krishna says he chose rishi Durvasa with a reason.

Next morning, Krishna gets ready to leave for Rishi Durvasa’s ashram. Yashoda blesses him and requests complete his task clamly without messing up with rishi Durvasa. Krishna accompanies Radha and Ayan and they walk towards rishi Durvasa’s ashram. In Mathura, Kans asks Akroor why did not Krishna reach to fight with him. Akroor says Krishna has headed towards jungle which leads to rishi Durvasa’s ashram. Krishna walks beside Radha. Ayan yells he is walking too close to his wife. Radha asks Krishna to move a bit away. They continue walking and Ayan continues his yelling. Krishna asks them to keep silent as he heard evil spirits roam here at night. Ayan says it is rubbish. Krishna says it is truth. Their nok jhok continues. Ayan says he is hungry. Radha serves him food and offers food to even Krishna. Ayan yells he will not let her serve food to wicked Krishna. Radha days as humanity, they should serve food to Krishna. Ayan says let Krishna be hungry. After finishing food, they continue traveling towards rishi Durvasa’s ashram.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that anger is the reason for all the problems in the world, so when there is love, why should one create anger and hatred.

Precap: In Rishi Durvasa’s ashram, Krishna loudly asks if someone can wake up Ayan. Disciples warn Krishna to keep silent and wake up Ayan from deep sleep. Chief disciple as a punishment sends Krishna to guard Rishi Durvasa while he is meditating.

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