RadhaKrishn 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Dilemma

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Radha asks Krishna why he is crying. Krishna says the person whom he is playing the basuri for is not interested in it. She asks who is he. He says its her. She says he started it again and will not change. Sam noticing that fumes that he knew Krishna wouldn’t sit quietly and would try to provoke Radha with his emotions. Gowri mata says Mahadev that Radha will go to Gopal whom she loves. Mahadev asks her to wait and watch. Radha’s friend asks Radha why she was crying seeing Krishna if she doesn’t love him. She says she felt his pain, so she cried, but she loves Gopal and not Krishna. She hears Gopal’s bansuri sound and walks towards it saying he plays such a sweet music, but then stops hearing Krishna’s bansuri sound. Friends asks if she is in a dilemma hearing both Gopal and Krishna’s music. Radha says she still likes only Gopal. Friends say let us see and walk away laughing. Gopal walks to him and asks what is she thinking about. She says nothing. He says she in front of everyone took an oath that she loves only him and will not back off from her promise, he also wants to tell her that he loves her. She says she is very happy hearing that. He says even he is. She hears Krishna’s bansuri. Gopal says Dwarkadish is a big man, they should go from here. Sam thinks he should get Gopis attracted towards Gopal, Radha herself will get attracted to Gopal.

Gopal walks away holding Radha’s hand and says when they are in love, they should perform prem raas/dance. Radha says she doesn’t know to dance. Gopal says if they show their love for each other, Krishna’s heart will break and he will leave this place forever. She agrees. He asks her to wait for him tonight to dance with him.

Mahadev/Adiyogi tells Krishna that he is crying for Radha. Krishna says seeing Radha’s hatred for him, his tears are flowing out themselves. Mahadev says he saw Sri Krishna’s form in which he is playing bansuri mourning Radha’s separation and hopes Radha also would be eager to unite with him soon.

Gopis reach rasleela venue and seeing Sam there asks him to go as nobody invited him for rasleela. Sam says he thought since its a celebration of love, he thought to watch Radha and Gopal’s rasleela which is very famous; he is worried that Krishma may try to spoil their rasleela, so he came to stop Krishna here and even they should do same. They agree to not let Krishna near Radha and Gopal. They reach Radha and say they are eagar to watch Gopal and Radha’s dance as Gopal is so handsome and he plays such a mesmerizing bansuri. Radha agrees. Gopal reaches and both dance with Gopis. Gowri ji says Radha is dancing so well with Gopal, she loves him. Mahadev says when its a question of love, nobody can beat Krishna. KJrishna plays bansuri. All Gopis run to him and dance around him. Radha’s feet also shake. Mahadev says Gowri he told her already. Gopal stops Radha and says he needs to go and stop Krishna. Radha says he is dwarkadish and Gopal shouldn’t mess with him. Gopal asks who what. Gopal says when they love each other, he shouldn’t bother. He says why shouldn’t he as Krishna spoilt their rasleela. Radha’s remaining friends run to Krishna and dance around him. Gopal asks Radha if she also wants to go to Krishna. He says no. Gopal says they should run away from here and dance in some other place. Radha says there is no need to go as a person who cries while playing bansuri cannot disturb them.

Gowri mata tells Mahadev that the told Radha will not leave the place. Mahadev says h e trusts his aradhya Krishna. Krishna walks to Radha. Radha asks if he came to spoil their happier moments. Krishna says he came to inform that if she goes with Gopal tomorrow, he will leave this pace permanently and wll never disturb her. Radha stands thinking. Gopal asks what is she thinking, he will come tomorrow again to meet her and walks away. Balram asks Krishna what is he thinking leaving Radha in a dilemma. Krishna says he is waiting for a moment when he will see Radha’s memory returning and she realizes she loves him. Balram says Radha saw his many forms, but didn’t remember him. Krishna says when she will get back her memory, she will realize that all his forms are a lie and only Krishna is true. Gowri ji tells Mahadev that Krishna is confusing Radha in his 2 forms and warns that Radha will come to Adiyogi and he shouldn’t confuse Radha like Krishna. Mahadev says he will not do that, but she will see what Krishna will do. Radha sits thinking why Krishna is interfering between her and Gopal’s love. She imagines dancing with Krishna and thinks when she is here, who is dancing with Krishna. She follows them and they escape. She thinks she should take Adiyogi’s help. She walks to Adiyogi and asks why Krishna is interfering between her and Gopal, she is confused seeing Krishna crying while playing bansuri and she seeing herself dancing with Krishna; she is in a dilemma and thinks what should she do. Adiyogi says if she feels pain seeing Krishna’s tears and him leaving the world seeing her going with Gopal, then she should choose Krishna or else Gopal. Radha agrees and leaves. Gowri ji says he solved the issue so easily and explained love. Adiyogi says he learnt it from her and Krishna.

Krishna looking at stars and says he is waiting for a moment when Radha looks at him like these stars and realize that all the forms are of Krishna and understand the love which is above all and free from all desires and impurities, etc. Next day, Radha walks to Gopal who is waiting for her and thinks what if Krishna leaves the world seeing her going with Gopal. She walks towards Krishna and thinks how can she leave Krishna who wants to leave the world like her for Gopal. She gets confused and thinks she will not go with neither of them. Gopal walks to her and asks what is she doing here, she took an oath to go with him. She says she took promise to go with him, but what about Krishna. He asks why did she take a promise then. Krishna walks to her and asks to go with Gopal and fulfill her oath as he loves her and can sacrifice his love for her.

Precap: Krishna tries to stop Radha from jumping from cliff. Radha jumps and falls on Krishna’s peacock feather. Krishna reveals her that he is the whole universe, Narayan and everything.

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