RadhaKrishn 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Balram, Revathi’s Wedding

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RadhaKrishn 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Revathi ready as bride calls Balram and Krishna. Balram with Krishna walks to her and asks why did she call them. Revathi says she is angry on them as they didn’t bring her friend Radha yet; she doesn’t know why Kanha didn’t go to b ring Radha yet as she knows Radha must be waiting for Krishna. Balram thinks Krishna is eager to bring Radha here, but is bound by oath. He tells Revathi that Krishna has promised to bring Radha at an appropriate time, so she should trust him. Revathi continues fuming. Krishna acts and asks her to punish him for his mistake and tries to slap himself. Revathi stops him. Radha waiting for Krishna thinks she is sure Krishna will come to pick her up when appropriate time comes.

Kutila and Ayan search Radha and think she must be waiting for Krishna in jungle. She says if they inform Jarasand about Radha’s location, Jarasand will kill Radha or Krishna will come to rescue her and get killed, in both cases Ayan will become Barsana’s king. Jarasand fumes thinking his whole spy team couldn’t find Krishna’s location. Guard informs that a cowherd says he knows Krishna’s location. Ayan walks in and says he is not cowherd, he is warrior Ayan, Radha’s husband. Sishupal points sword on his neck. Jarasand says Radha is Krishna’s friend. Ayan says that is why he hates Krishna. Sishupal says its a family hatred then. Jarasand orders a a few soldiers to accompany Ayan and check Krishna’s location and if he fails to behead him right there. Ayan takes soldiers to jungle where Radha is. Soldier asks Ayan if he is sure Krishna will come here. Another soldier informs that Jarasand found out that Krishna is hidden in a secret city and Jarasand is heading with army towards it. Another soldier says he will behead Ayan for lying. Ayan hides. Soldiers walk away.

Balram and Revathi’s wedding rituals start. Ayan and Kutla walk to Radha and taunt her that Krishna didn’t come to pick her up at all and betrayed her, she cant attend Balram and Revathi’s wedding. Radha says she doesn’t mind if she doesn’t attending Balram and Revathi’s wedding and is sure that Krishna is busy in something else and will come to pick her up some day, so they both shouldn’t bother. Jatila and Ayan stand fuming while Radha walks away smiling.

Balram and Revathi’s wedding rituals continue. Jarasand with his army reaches near Dwarka and laughs that Krishna is a fool to build such a beautiful city, he will be killed inside it soon. He orders Sishupal to attack once he enters main door and plays shank announcing war. Balram stops pheras and says Jarasand reached here. Krishna as Dwarkadhish orders to continue wedding rituals without any fear. Devaki says she is worried and KRishna should do something. Krishna assures her nothing will happen. Ugrasen says he doesn’t understand anything. Krishna asks to trust him. Jarasand orders to break main door. Balram completes wedding rituals and says let us attack now. Krishna says not yet, he needs to take elder’s blessings. Balram with Revathi takes elders’ blessings and says let us go now. Krishna says not yet and he will give his Revathi a special gift.. Everyone say they all want to see it. Sishupal raises bow and shoots arrows. Krishna raises his finger and creates protective barrier around the city. Arrows hit barrier and create colorful images like crackers. Everyone are amazed to see that. Rukmini asks what was that. Krishna says all gods have created a protective barrier around Dwarka and no weapon can pierce it. Balram asks what if Jarasand enters via main door. Water covers main door. Krishna says samudradev is guarding main door and nobody can forgo his protection.

Precap: Krishna returns Radha’s letter and says he is going to fulfill her wish. He announces that as everyone’s wish Krishna and Rukmini’s wedding will happen soon.

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