RadhaKrishn 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam’s Unthinkable Demand

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After a few years, Radha makes arrangements for Sam’s birthday. Krishna walks to her and says she is making arrangements as if its her birthday. Radha says as predicted, Sam looks innocent and not the one who will destroy Dwarka. Balram starts Sam’s training. Sam performs Jambavati’s aarti first and then asks Balram to start. Radha says Sam prays his mother and is very innocent. Krishna says Sam hates her a lot, even then she praises Sam. Anirudh walks in calling Krishna and hugs him. Krishna asks if he loves him so much. Anirudh says he loves him more than his father Pradhyumna. Pradhyumna walks in and says he wants Balram to train even his son. Krishna takes them to training venue. Jambavati says Radha loves him a lot, so she made his birthday arrangement. Balram says Sam should get tilak by Radha then. Radha says he will get tilak by only his mother. Jambavati performs his aarti and asks him to touch elders’ feet. Sam says why should he. Jambavati says its his birthday and he needs to take blessings of his family. Balram says Sam questions a lot like Krishna. Sam touches everyone’s feet. Radha says she heard Krishna was talkative in childhood, Sam is more talkative than him. Sam touches everyone’s feet except Radha. Jambavati says he forgot to touch Radha’s feet. Sam says she told to touch family members’ feet, Radha is not family member. Jambavati says Radha is Krishna’s best friend, so he should touch her feet. Sam says his mother’s order is most important to him and touches Radha’s feet. Radha blesses him. Sam says his mother scolded him for the first time because of Radha, he will never forgive her.

He asks Krishna why he is making Anirudh sit on his lap, he will sit on his lap at least on his birthday. Krishna says Anirudh is his elder brother’s son, so even he can sit. Sam demands Krishna to give him boon to be invisible whenever he likes. Krishna says he cannot do that. Sam walks away fuming. Jambavati walks behind him and tries to calm him. Sam shouts that father is always with Radha and not with mom, who is Radha to them. Jambavati warns him to take Radha’s name with respect. Sam says he will fast if his wish is not fulfilled. Jambavati says she will give him boon as she is mahakali’s devotee and asks not to inform anyone about it. In Kailash, Gauri gets tensed saying if fulfills Jambavati’s wish, Sam will do what she fears of. Mahadev says Jambavati is her devotee, so she has to fulfill her dream. Gauri agrees and boons Jambavati warning that this boon is for only 1 day. Jambavati hands over phone to Sam and says its power is for 1 day and she needs to be careful.

Precap: Radha dances around Krishna while he plays bansuri. Sam gets angry seeing that and says father never played bansuri for maa, now he will see what he can do.

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  1. Please correct your last line. “Jambavati hands over phone to Sam”. There was no phone at those time

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