RadhaKrishn 26th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes Reason For Shani’s Anger Towards Him

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Krishna informs Radha that Shani dev was in exile in his devotion and is awake now, he may create a big disaster now. Shani dev gets out of cave. Radha asks why Shani dev had to hide in his devotion, how is he related to him. Krishna says there is a deep connection and describes a story when he was born and people thought he was doing magic, but Shani was helping him. He reminisces all the incidents and says Shani helps them with whatever good they do and he was helping all the magic. Gods discuss that they should gift something to Narayan’s Krishna avatar and seek Indradev’s help. Indradev says Narayan needs only love and craves for love, so they should shower love on him. Devtas ask if they can meet Narayan’s Bal avatar Krishna. Indradev says why not.

Mata Gowri desires to meet Narayan’s bal avatar Krishna. Mahadev says one of his devotee is coming, so they will go after he visits him. She asks who is he who is more important than watching Narayan’s bal avatar. Shani thinks with Narayan’s arrival on earth, there is less sin and adharma, so he should utilize his free time and pray Mahadev now, but he is unable to concentrate, so he should meet Mahadev once. He meets Mahadev and explains his problem. Mahadev says he has right to be prayed by his devotee and asks him to stay at Kailash and pray him there. Mata Gowri asks Mahadev that she is eager to watch Narayan’s bal roop. Shani dev also desires to watch Narayan’s bal roop. Mahadev hesitates and suggests him to stay there, but Shani dev insists. Mahadev agrees hesitantly. Mata Gowri asks reason. Mahadev says a human may interfere between Shani dev and Narayan’s bal roop and he may get angry.

Indradev and other gods disguised as Sadhus meet Krishna and are mesmerized with his baal roop. Shani reaches there and hearing their conversation gets excited to see Krishna. Even Gowri insists Mahadev to watch Narayan soon. She suggests Shani not to put his frowning eyes on Krishna. Shani says he does it only on bad people. He excitedly rushes in, but a lady stops him and asks where is he going. He says to watch Nanji’s baby boy. She sees his ugly face and frowning eyes and asks him to take money and leave. He requests, but she forcefully gives him money and shuts the door on his face. He gets very angry and takes oath that Krishna himself should come and meet him, until then he will meditate and pray Narayan.

Krishna completes his story and informs Radha that Shani is still angry on him. Sam continues provoking Yamuna and insists her to complain her brother Shani against Krishna. Yamuna says her brother stays in Nandanvan and he must be destroying it in anger. Shani hopes his sister meets him and explains her ordeal to him.

Precap: Shani says he himself will reach Krishna now. Krishna sees fire boulder towards him and runs.

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