RadhaKrishn 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna To Leave Barsana

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Balram tells Krishna that both brothers together will kill Kans. Krishna asks if he is sure and throws his cloth bag saying he knew Dau would not allow him to go alone, so he prepared Dau’s cloth bag first. Balram happily hugs Krishna. Radha in her room thinks Krishna may want to tell her something important, so she should have met him. Akroor informs Kans that he is eager to kill Krishna from his own hands and throw his body in front of Devaki. Krishna and Balram take their parents’ blessings before leaving house. Parents say they have relaxed seeing Balram accompanying Krishna.

Radha calls her friend and asks her to go and call Krishna as he wanted to speak to her. Jatila sees that and reminds Radha that today they have to feed Brahmins and she has taken whole house’s responsibility by accepting keys. Friend goes to Krishna’s house and seeing Yashoda crying asks what happened. Yashoda informs that Krishna has left house for a long travel and don’t know when he will return.

Radha starts serving brahmins when her friend enters and signals her. Ugrapath asks her to wash brahmins’ hands. Radha drops water mug. Ayan reminds her that this is our first brahmin bhog and she should be alert. Friend informs Radha that Krishna is leaving Barsana forever. She drops betelnut plate. Jatila scolds her if she is alright. Ugrapath says it is okay as brahmins finished their food, she can take their blessings. Kirtida calls Radha and asks her to take brahmins’ blessings. Radha thinks Krishna is leaving Barsana forever, she needs to meet him once. She runs while everyone call her.

Krishna and Balram reach Barsana border. Balram asks him to look at Barsana’s land once as he may not return back soon. Krishna says what is there in land, now Radha is following her duty and will not meet him ever, there is nothing left on this land. He is about to step ahead when Radha comes running and calls him. He steps back and asks what is she doing her. Radha asks why is he going from Barsana forever. Krishna says he came here as he loves her and will continue loving her forever, it is better he leaves from here for her better life.

Krishna says many of us wake up early and chants mantra which has immense powers, but they will feel the powers only if they understand mantras and adapt them in their lives.

Precap: Radha says Krishna if he goes from here, she will not be happy forever. Krishna tells Balram that Radha and Krishna will have to live another important phase of their lives.

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