RadhaKrishn 25th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam Succeeds In His Plan

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Sam provokes Yamuna against Krishna. Yamuna fills earth with her water from both hands. Krishna asks Balram to remind citizens not to do any sin or else even Narayan cannot help them. Balram agrees. Krishna leaves with Radha to Dwarka. Laxmana informs Jamvati that Sam is missing and no one knows about it. She also informs that Krishna is leaving Dwarka. Jamvati asks how can he go without informing her, only he can get her son back. Krishna with Radha is about to leave in his chariot when Jamvati stops him and insists to find her missing son, Krishna says whole Dwarka is in danger, so he needs to protect it first. Jamvati insists. Radha asks Krishna not to agree seeing Sam’s sins, but Krishna agrees and tells Radha that he cannot stop a mother from worrying for her sinner son. He senses Shani waking up from meditation and gets worried.

Yamuna continues to expel water from her hands. Sam immersed in water till his waste continues provoking her against Krishna and insists her to meet her brother and complain him against Krishna. Yamuna says she cannot wake up her brother or else she cannot stop a disaster. He continues provoking her and thinks he will force her to meet her brother even if he drowns in water. Krishna drives chariot fast. Radha asks him to slow down. Krishna says someone’s feelings are more faster than his chariot.

Sam continues provoking Yamuna that his father ignored her love and nobody can love his father more than her. Yamuna asks him to go away before she drowns him. He insists her to meet Shani. Krishna stops his chariot seeing water blocking the way. Radha asks what happened to the way here. Krishna says devi Yamuna is very angry after she waited for him since long and when he didn’t return to her. Radha asks him to be specific. He continues that he is worried about Yamuna’s brother Shani who can create disaster if he wants up and Sam is trying to wake him up by provoking Yamuna against me. Sam continues insisting Yamuna to seek her brother’s help as he cannot see her crying. Yamuna takes back all the water and says he is right that Krishna forgot her, but she didn’t understand it due to her blind love for Krishna; now she is angry and will take revenge from Krishna for her insult via her brother Shani’s help. Sam says she is right. Yamuna calls Shani for help as Krishna ignored her plea and may insult Shani’s meditation, he has to come and get justice to her love. Shani gets angry. Fire boulders fall around Krishna, Mahadev, and whole world. Balram sees people afraid in Dwarka. Krishna tells Radha that his fear came true.

Devi Gowri tells Mahadev that its a sign of disaster. Mahadev says Shani dev woke up. Devi says Shani is his devotee, then how can he destroy world. Mahadev says Shani is his devotee, but when he stands up for justice, he doesn’t even listen to him; its time for Narayan to bear his karma in Krishna’s form. Devi Gowri says its a concern. Mahadev says only future can tell what will happen. Shani walks out of his cave. Krishna tells Radha that Shani was hiding till now and he may create disaster.

Precap: Yamuna tells that Shani loves her immensely, but she has to visit him today. Krishna tells Radha that he has to stop Yamuna before she meets Shani. Shani asks Yamuna who is the reason for her sorrows. Yamuna says Sri Krishna. Fire boulders fall on Krishna’s chariot and he jumps from it.

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