RadhaKrishn 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna To Persuade Radha

RadhaKrishn 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha with Ayan and other friends follow Krishna. Krishna knowing them following him walks smiling. Ayan tells Radha that Krishna knows they are following him, so he is roaming in same place. Radha’s friend falls. Krishna jokes how can people fall just standing and walks into garden. Radha with friends continue to follow him and sees him disappearing, then they see Radha’s friend Sudevi with a boy wearing similar clothes like Krishna. Ayan angrily hold boy and shouts he caught the culprit and stand shocked seeing Bhairav instead who accepts that he and Sudevi love each other since 1 year. Ayan angrily tries to hit Bhairav when Krishna enters and stops him and says nonviolence is humanity’s biggest nature. He turns boy and acts as shocked seeing Bhairav, asks what is happening.

Bhairav repeats he loves Sudevi since 1 year. Radha says he is lying. Krishna tells Bhairav that his friend Radha does not lie. Bhairav says he is not lying, before they could inform their family, Sudevi’s alliance was fixed with someone else. Krishna says Radha knows Sudevi’s family well and should convince them for Sudevi and Bhairav’s wedding. Radha says never. Krishna says Radha does not love anyone, so she does not know what love is. Radha says she knows, it is like she loves her parents and sibling. Krishna says Radha wants to say loving blood relatives is love. Radha says yes. Ayan says she is right, love is what their parents and guru taught.

Jatila waits for Kans’ soldiers and once she sees them signals with half coin and thinks it is time to end Vrishban’s family and Gokul vasis.

Radha says they cannot let their parents insulted for their love. Sudevi says Radha is right, she will not put her parent’s dignity at stake for her happiness. Krishna asks if Sudevi can live happily after marrying someone else, love is peace, life, everything, Radha should understand love. Radha says she will never get her parents insulted, so she wants Krishna to explain his friend to forget Sudevi. Krishna says done, Bhairav will forget Sudevi. He takes Bhairav aside with him. Ayan grins and says culprit is gone. Radha says Krishna really is desperate for her friendship.

On the other side, Vrishbhan orders to decorate whole Barsana for Sudevi’s wedding. Kans’ aide Akrur enters with soldiers and says Vrishbhan did a sin by letting Gokulvasis stay in Barsana. Nand says it is not Vrishbhan’s mistake. Akrur says he can forgive them if they hand over Krishna to him.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that there is nobody on earth who have not seen trees, birds, their nests, birds feeding their kids, bird keeps herself hungry and feeds grains to her kids, once feathers grow, kids fly away. Similarly with humans, kids love parents, but infatuation makes them deceive their parents, one should not forget their parents for infatuation.

Precap: Krishna asks why king Kans wants to meet a mere cowherd and acts as collapsing. He then reaches Kans’ soldiers and trashes them. Radha worried for him runs to check if he went to meet soldiers and stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Where is 23rd October episode plz upload it as you always cancel the Saturday episode update
    Plz do it also

    1. Kamalanayani

      Hi dear… I will be updating Saturday episodes from November onwards.. Do bear till that..

      1. Thank you dear
        Radhe Radhe 💕

  2. Hi ! Just to let you know that this update is from the episode of the 23rd of october, If i’m not mistaking. Which means there isn’t an update yet for the episode of the 24th 🙂
    Thank you very much for your updates anyway, I’m from France and don’t have access to subtitles, so it is very helpful <3

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