RadhaKrishn 24th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam Manipulates Yamuna

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Krishna tells Balram that if any Dwarka citizens does any sin, being Narayan he cannot help them. Balram asks what about Radha’s tears. Krishna says even he doesn’t want Radha to cry, but he cannot take her to Brindavan. Balram says he cannot leave Radha crying and should do something to cheer her up again. Yamuna tells Sam she will show him how Brindavan was in Krsihna’s presence and shows him visuals of Radha and Krishna naming Brindavan and their happier days there. Sam says Brindavan was really beautiful and asks why she is in sorrow remembering Krishna and sings songs for him, doesn’t she get angry on him. Yamuna says never as Krishna had to leave helplessly, whole Brindavan is waiting for Krishna’s return; songs sang for Krishna calms their sorrows and she is sure he will never forget them and will definitely come for her brother. Sam asks who is her brother. Yamuna says karm phaldata Shani is her brother. Sam is excited to hear that. Yamuna says she is Yami and Krishna love made her Yamuna. Sam says if Shani is her brother and even he is waiting for Krishna, can she let him meet Shani. Yamuna says he can’t as Shani is meditating, he has a pain in his heart and if he wakes up before Krishna arrives, he will create a disaster in anger. Sam says he is Krishna’s son and can arrange Krishna and Shani’s meeting. Yamuna says it can only happen when Krishna arrives in front of Shani. Sam thinks of meeting Shani.

Krishna plays bansuri. Radha walks to him and asks why did he call her. He says he was just playing bansuri. She says she wants to visit Brindavan. He says he will create all the memories here, but can’t take her to Dwarka. She says she cannot understand his puzzles. Sam tells Yamuna that he wants to clear their pain as Krishna never spoke about them after become Dwarkadhish. Yamuna says this cannot happen, her Krisna cannot forget him. Sam says when she has considered him as son, he will help her by reminding Krishna about her, so he needs her stuff to remind Krishna about her. Yamuna gets happy and gives him water pot, says its her water and if he washes Krishna’s feet with it, Krishna will remember her for sure. Sam takes pot, assures her to do as she said, and asks her wipe her tears. Yamuna says Krishna should come and wipe her tears and once he reaches, she will start flowing again. Sam thinks he doesn’t care if Yamuna flows or not, he just wants to meet Shani.

Krishna tells Radha the memories she wants to relive are coming in a pot. Radha asks not to joke. He takes her near sea and says her memories will come here. Radha says she wants to experience her memories again. Sam drops Yamuna water on sea thinking Yaamuna’s water will not be submitted to Krishna. Climate changes. Yamuna notices it and thinks if a disaster happened. Radha asks Krishna same. Krishna thinks Sam crossed all the limits and tells Radha that they need to visit Brindavan now. She asks why he denied earlier then. Sam returns to Yamuna and says Krishna doesn’t want to return to her and told he doesn’t love her and doesn’t have time for her at all as he is Dwarkadhish now and has Radha with him. Krishna thinks Sam crossed all his limits by hurting Yamuna. Yamuna cries how can Krishna reject her, she thought he would get emotional remembering him, but he rejected her love. He asks her to stop crying for Krishna and forget him. Yamuna says she just wants to meet Krishna once as she is bearing injustice. Sam says she should meet her brother Shani and seek his help. She says he is right, but what if Krishna doesn’t agree, Shani will get angry; she can’t do that; Krishna has to come here, he rejected her water and her water will bring Krishna to Brindaavan. She expels water from her hands and raises water level.

Krishna sees water level raising and informs Balram and family that he needs to go as his future is in danger. Balram asks who is threatening him. Krishna says not only humans, even gods can be afraid; he is afraid of Karma phaldata. Balram asks who is he. Krishna asks him to alert citizens to be careful. Balram says he cannot let him go alone. Krishna says Radha is accompanying him. Radha asks him to take Balram along. Krishna says they both have to finish their task and asks Balram to alert citizens not to do any sins as nobody can stop from being punished for their deedss

Precap: Yamuna tells that Krishna rejected her love, so her brother has to come and get justice for her love. Shani wakes up from meditation. Krishna thinks if Shani gets angry, whole world would be in problem. Shani thinks Krishna didn’t do right.

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