RadhaKrishn 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Vidhurath Kidnaps Gopis

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Radha tells Krishna that Vidhurath is also hungry and hence they should serve him kheer. Krishna says Radha is sacrificing his prepared kheer for an asur. Once they leave, Vidhurath with soldiers reaches there and thinks Krishna kept a poisoned kheer to kill them. He orders a soldier to taste it. Soldier tastes it and says he didn’t have such a tasty food in his life. He then finishes whole kheer.

Radha and Krishna reach Gopis’ village. Gopis shower flowers on them and perform their aarti. They desire to dance with Radha Krishna and serve them food. Radha says they want to have food from Gopis’ hand. Gopis get emotional hearing that and ask if its possible. Krishna says why not, they are part of Radha Krishna.

Vidhurath returns to Shalv and Shukracharya and informs that Krishna escaped. Shukracharya says he knows Krishna’s weakness and he himself will present in front of him and accept weakness. After finishing food, Gopis send Radha Krishna to a hut to rest and then dance with them. Radha Krishna return and say they are energetic if they dance with them. Gopis get happy. Krishna says they should play in jungle first and then dance. Gopis agree and follow Radha Krishna. Vidhurath enters and captures them. Radha Krishna disappear. Vidhurath reveals that he tricked them with Radha Krishna’s delusional image and captivated them to call Krishna there.

Radha Krishna walk out of hut after resting and not finding Gopis realize that Vidhurath with Shalv and Shukracharya’s help captured Gopis. Vidhurath sets a fire around Gopis and warns Krishna to come and fight with him or else he will burn then alive. Gopis warn that Krishna will behead him. He says he will kill Krishna. Shalv tells Shukracharya that his plan failed. Shukracharya asks to wait and watch. Krishna decides to free Gopis. Vidhurath sets fire around Gopis. Krishna enters to fight with Vidhurath.

Precap: Vidhurath challenges Krishna to fight with him if he wants to save Radha. Krishna says whoever thinks of killing Radha is already dead and gets his sudarshan chakra.

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