RadhaKrishn 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha, Krishna Come Closer

RadhaKrishn 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha walks to Ayan why did he walk out from dinner venue. Ayan says he could not see her paying more attention to Radha. She says she is just acting to find out whom Krishna loves. He asks should he find out, but he sees her getting too friendly with Krishna. Radha says never and says she will act as befriending Krishna and save the girl from Krishna’s magic, so she needs Ayan’s help in that. Ayan agrees. They both turn and see Krishna standing smiling.

Kans walks to jail and cries in front of Devaki showing Jatila’s letter that Devaki’s son’s alive and knows he will kill her, so he came to apologize his sister and BIL, if fate has written his death, he wants to die via his sister as he is her culprit. He gives her sword and pleads to kill him. She stands

holding sword. He provokes her that he killed her 7 babies and their blood is all over the walls, she should kill him and take revenge. Devaki raises sword, but a lightning falls on sword and she drops sword. Kans opens eyes and laughs.

Krishna asks Radha and Ayan what 2 friends are chatting about. Radha says she was explaining Ayan it is waste to fight, so he should befriend Krishna. Krishna asks Ayan if he really accepts his mistake. Ayan fumes. Radha signals him to agree. Ayan says yes and wants to befriend Krishna forgetting everything. Krishna hugs him tightly. Ayan fumes, but controls his anger seeing Radha. Krishna says he is very excited hearing that. Ayan fumes Krishna is inching towards his death each moment. Krishna asks did he tell anything. Ayan says no. Krishna tells Radha let us go and practice dance then and accompanies her while Ayan stands burning in anger.

Kans tells Devaki that he will kill her son before he kills him. Devaki says just now he saw what fate is awaiting, she is waiting for the day when her son will kill Kans. Kans angrily leaves and order his aide Akrur to bring Krishna to him.

Radha shows dance move to Krishna and asks to dance now. He says he is nar/man, not nayaran to know all dance moves and will learn if she helps him. She holds his hand and shows. Ayan watches sitting helplessly. Balram taunts Radha Krishna’s jodi is looking so beautiful, dancing… Ayan walks to Radha and says let us dance and show Krishna. Radha says okay. Krishna leaves saying someone is waiting for him. Radha gets jealous and tries to follow him, but Ayan stops her and says let him go, let us practice dance. Radha says he is worried about dance, Krishna is going to meet his girl, let us follow him.

Krishna gives moral gyan that a father is proud for children who takes care of all needs, even child respects father and obeys till son’s wedding, parents think they are doing best for thier child, but child thinks he deserves best and distrusts parents.

Precap: Krishna suggests Radha to understand love. Radha asks what is the use when one cannot be compatible. Akrur reaches Barsana and says Vrishban that he did a sin by letting Gokul vasis in his village, but can be spared if he hands over Krishna to Kans.

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