RadhaKrishn 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha, Krishna Celebrate Holi

RadhaKrishn 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna asks Barsana citizens to clap before Ayan starts describing how Radha fought against Kans. Ayan starts that he and Radha went to Kans’ royal court and when Kans imposed 100% taxes, Radha opposed him. Krishna asks to explain in detail who provoked Radha to oppose Kans. Ayan reminisces himself provoking Radha, but lies that Radha herself bravely opposed Kans. Radha at home, pleased comatosed Vrishbhan to wake up and see her. When he does not, she walks away sadly. Vrishbhan opens eyes an calls her. She excitedly runs to him. He says he is proud of her and collapses again. Krishna outside hearing Ayan’s story praises Radha’s bravery. Radha walking out gets angry hearing that and thinks he did not come for help and now praising. Ayan starts boasting about his bravery. Krishna stops him and Radha is the hero here who dared Kans and asks Radha herself to describe her story.

Radha starts her story how she felt Kans’ order is an injustice for her Barsana citizens, so she opposed Kans. Kans ordered to threw her in jail and execute her. She continues rest of the story how she escaped Kans’ execution and even rescued Ayan, etc.. Krishna asks everyone to clap for her and says it is a holi celebration and they all will play flower holi in the honor of Radha. Radha angrily leaves.

Balram asks Krishna how will he play holi with Radha. Krishna says Radha will, just wait and watch. Chandravali insists Radha to play flower holi with her, but Radha rejects her request. Krishna plays holi with Chandravali and others. Radha gets jealous and runs behind him. They play flower holi next.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that when he played flower holi with Radha, it was for a different reasons; flowers are showered on winners or the person they love, be it parents, siblings, friends or love; their happiness doubles with it.

Precap: Krishna requests Radha to play holi with him. Radha insists Krishna to apologize her first. Krishna enters Radha’s room at midnight and hangs holi pot in sky. Radha breaks pot and color falls on Krishna.

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