RadhaKrishn 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Heroic Move

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RadhaKrishn 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rukmini asks Krishna why he is not having bansuri today. Krishna reminisces breaking bansuri and telling Radha that he doesn’t need it if he cannot play it for her, tells Rukmini that he left it somewhere. Rukmini asks where. Radha hears bansuri sound and asks where is it coming from. Krishna thinks it is coming from her heart where his bansuri is. He tells Rukmini that he is not the same as she imagined, so should he go. She says bansuri doesn’t matter to her, he is the same as she wanted. She says he has come alone without army, if she accompanies him, her father will be in danger. Krishna says Balram has gone to rescue her father. Balram trashes soldiers and rescues Bhismak. Bhismak asks who is he. Balram says he is Krishna’s elder brother Balram. Bishmak asks if Krishna really came to rescue Rukmini. Balram says yes. Soldier informs Jarasand that Balram rescued Bhismak and escaped. Jarasand orders Rukmi to gather army right now, they will attack Krishna.

Krishna asks Rukmini if she is ready to walk with him. She says they can hide and go. Krishna says he became ranchor to teach dharma, now he will take her in front of Jarasand, Rukmi,and Sishupal. Sishupal sends his soldiers to bring back Rukmini. Soldiers enter in, but fall out dead. Sishupal shouts who is in there. Krishna walks out holding Rukmini’s hand and addresses Jarasand, Rukmi, and Sishupal that they made a big sin by disrespecting a woman’s feeling and troubling Rukmini; they tried to get Rukmini married to the fool Sishupal, etc. He is taking Rukmini in front of them all and they dare cannot even touch him. Balram asks him to get into his chariot. Krishna gets into chariot with Rukmini and rides it. Sishupal shouts to attack Krishna.

Krishna rides chariot. Balram asks him to ride fast as whole army is following them as he is taking away their princess. Krishna says they will not except one fool. Jarasand stops army and says nobody will follow Krishna as Krishna must have planned something, so he challenged them to follow him. Rukmi says he will bring back his sister and rides towards Krishna. Balram asks Krishna if they will wait till the fool comes. Krishna says yes. Rukmi reaches them and yells at Krishna. Balram gets angry. Krishna stops him and says Rukmini wants to give one chance to his brother. Rukmini asks how does he know what is in her heart. Krishna says a woman’s heart is soft and she easily forgives everyone and wants all her relatives to be safe. Krishna warns Rukmi that he is giving him one last chance. Rukmi says a woman is always used as a means of bonding between 2 dynasties and her duty is to just serve men and nothing else. He shoots arrow on Krishna. Rukmini holds arrow just when its about to hit Krishna. Krishna angrily gets down and walks towards Rukmi.

Precap: Krishna gets his sudarshan chakra to kill Rukmi.
Rukmini pleads to spare her brother. Krishna leaves sudharshan chakra which heads towards Rukmi.

Update Credit to: MA

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