RadhaKrishn 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha, Krishna’s Final Moments

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Jatila takes bridal dress and jewelry for Radha. Radha says she does not need them. Jatila says it is a ritual. Radha says Yashoda kaki has already sent dress and jewelry. Jatila says she is her would be mother-in-law and it is her right and she should not forget that they are doing her favor by agreeing for this marriage. Radha says they both know in which situation this marriage is happening, so she should stop threatening her. Jatila says Radha will come to her house after marriage, so she should be ready to accept punishment. Kirtida hears their conversation. Vrishbhan enters home calling Kirtida and Radha. They all gather outside house. Vrishbhan says it is time to get Radha ready for wedding. Chandravali asks Radha to accompany her. Radha stops and asks Krishna to get her ready as promised. Krishna walks behind her.

Radha asks Krishna to get her ready. Krishna does her make up and gets her ready. Radha says he decorated her beautifully, let us go to mantap now. Radha asks him to hold her hand and never leave it till mantap. Krishna holds her hand. He clasps his fingers and does his leela/magic and asks Radha whom does she see in her father. Radha sees Krishna in Vrishbhan. He asks her to see each person present there, even Ayan. Radha sees Krishna in everyone. A beautiful song..plays in the background… Radha says this is his illusion and not reality, he will separate from her forever today, she wants to see truth. He clasps fingers again and turns environment back to normal. Ugrapath asks Radha to sit in mantap, and she does.

Krishgna gives moral gyaan that group is very powerful and it signifies one’s identity, but mob loses their identity, so they should also be in group and not in mob.

Precap: Mahadev cries seeing Radha and Ayan’s marriage.

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