RadhaKrishn 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rukmini Wins Krishna’s Tula Daan Challenge

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Sam says Krishna’s tula dan is the best test to test queens as each queen will weigh Krishna with their jewelry and give it to the opponent king and whichever queen sacrifices the most gold will sit with Krishna in yagna. Krishna likes his idea and asks him to arrange tula daan. Devi Gauri hearing that gets concerned seeing Sam’s trick. Mahadev says Sam doesn’t know no one in the universe can weigh Krishna as he is heavier than the world universe. Balram shows a weighing scale for tula daan to Krishna and asks if he liked it. Krishna asks if it can hold his weight. Balram says he will sit in it and show him. Krishna jokes. Radha walks in next and asks if it can tolerate Krishna’s weight. Balram walks away angrily. Radha asks Krishna why did Dau leave. Krishna asks about ashtabharis. Ashtabharis walk in. Radha asks them to weigh Krishna from their wealth according to their seniority. Krishna youngest wife Bhadra says she brought wealth more than Krishna’s weight and puts wealth in the other side of weight, but is shocked to see Krishna’s sided scale not even moving a bit. Krishna’s remaining 5 wives try next and are surprised to see themselves failing. Narad says nobody is winning.

Radha realizes its Krishna’s magic and tula daan will complete only if Krishna’s desire is fulfilled. Sam says his mother is not given a chance yet. Balram asks if he has that much wealth. Sam calls his servant with many trunks full of gold and says he has gold worth more than Dwarka’s gold. Balram asks how did he get so much gold. Sam says with his mother’s love. Radha says he shouldn’t compare love with wealth. Sam asks to accept defeat and pronounce his mother as winner. Krishna asks him to keep is gold in the other side. Sam pours in all his wealth, but fails to lift Krishna’s side of scale and shouts how is it possible. Krishna says his gold has his arrogance in it, he cannot understand Krishna and one who understands Krishna will understand it. Satyabhama says she realized that Krishna wants to donate more gold and puts shyamantak mani in other side of sale. Krishna’s side lifts up. Satyabama says only she can weigh Krishna. Krishna’s side lifts down again. Satyabhama gets tensed and put in left over gold, but fails.

Radha asks Rukmini to try next. Rukmini says she doesnt’ have much gold, so she will not participate. Radha insists to try. Rukmini says Radha’s wish is Krishna’s wish, hence she will bring gold. She goes to her room and stops. Radha asks why did she stop. Rukmini says no gold in the world can weigh Krishna. Radha says Rukmini spoke truth and she is sure Rukmini will win. Rukmini says she has many jewelries gifted by Krishna, but 2 bangles are most precious for her. Radha says she should weigh Krishna with them then. Sam yells as usual waiting for Rukmini and blames Krishna that he wants Radha to sit in yagna with him. Balram warns to mind his tongue. Krishna says its waste to explain fool Sam. Rukmini enters and puts her 2 bangles in scale. Sam laughs saying if she really wants to weight Krishna with just 2 bangles. Krishna’s side lifts up. Sam says Rukmini didn’t win yet as Krishna’s side is still down. Radha gives something to Rukmini and asks her to put it in scale as Krishna ca only be weighed via love. Rukmini puts the stuff in scale and Krishna’s side lifts up, leaving everyone surprised. Everyone see its just a tulsi leaf.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna when will he start yagna. Krishna says after he walks barefooted to Shiv temple and prays there. Thorns prick his feet and they bleed. Satyabhama asks Radha to remove thorns, and Radha denies.

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