RadhaKrishn 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha Tricks Krishna

RadhaKrishn 20th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna asks Radha what is she reading sacrificing her sleep. Radha hides Balram’s letter and nervously says nothing. He asks if she got Dau’s message from Vindravan. She says and he reached Vrindavan safely. He says he will go and rest now and walks away. Radha thinks how to correct Krishna’s image in Gopis’ eyes. Gopis forcefeed Balram. A spy brings him a message. Balram thinks Radha sent him a message and finds Saambh’s message instead in which he informs about a lizard like monster attacking him and seeks his help. Gopis tells Balram that boys are competent enough to fight with monster and warns that if he leaves Vrindadavan, they will get angry even on him.

Radha sees Krishna sound asleep and thinks she will visit Vrindavan and return before he wakes up. Krishna calls him and asks where is she going. She says nowhere. He ties her reminding Yashoda maiya tying him to a pillar to stop him from going anywhere and asks her to rest in his room while he rests in her room. Radha gets angry. Krishna thinks she can go wherever she wants to at the right time.

Pradyumna gets a dream of monster visiting him and ordering him to call Krishna here or else bear a wrath. Saambh and others gather. Pradyuman says even he got same dream. Rishis ask them to go before monster harms them. Saambh says he sought Balram’s help. Rishis say Balram hasn’t yet cme here, so they should to leave. Saambh agrees. They walk a bit and wait in jungle till Balram arrives for their help.

Radha brings hypnotic mixed kheer for Krishna early morning. Krishna says he already had breakfast. She insists. He says he only has bhog. She tastes it first and then feeds him. He finishes whole kheer and falls asleep. She thinks now she can go to Vrindavan now and walks away. Krishna wakes up and walks behind her. Radha senses his presence and gets nervous, then thinks he is in deep sleep. Krishna thinks he is in her love. She walks through the market and when dupatta is stuck, she thinks Krishna is stopping and hence she cannot visit Vrindavan to help Gopis.

Precap: Balram warns Gopis to let him go as his children are in trouble. Gopis say its Krishna’s trick to call him back to him.
Radha walks in warning them to shut up. Krishna thinks Gopis angered Radha, don’t know what will happen next.

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