RadhaKrishn 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahadev’s Boon For Saambh

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Radha informs Krishna that Saambh has taken oath to end musal. Krishna says musal’s power may end Saambh. Radha asks if its greater than Krishna and Mahadev’s powers. Krishna says musal power an destroy whole world and he cannot stop Saambh. Saambh sits at cliff end and tells Mahadev that this stone cannot handle his weight and before it breaks, Mahadev should accept his prayers and give him powers to destroy musal or else let him die. Shukracharya laughs on Saamb’s foolishness and says musal power can destroy whole universe and if Mahadev tries to help Saambh, there will be a big blast and will destroy Dwarka and whole universe.

Devi Gowri gets concerned for Saambh seeing his meditation. Mahadev says if he gives powers to destroy musal to Saambh, there will be a big disaster and only his Aradhya Narayan Sri Krishna can solve this problem. Stone starts breaking. Laxmana holds Krishna’s feet and pleads Krishna to save her husband by stopping him from continuing his meditation. Krishna says he is helpless. She says he should either save Saambh or let her commit suicide. He says only Mahadev can help them now.

Mahadev decides to help Saambh as his end hasn’t come yet. He visits Krishna and asks what should be his next move. Krishna says when their motto is right, they shouldn’t bother about consequences. Mahadev says as he wishes. Stone breaks down and Saambh falls from cliff. Mahadev saves him. Saambh sees powers to destroy musal. Mahadev gives him boon and says he got a power which can bring cyclone and he should use it carefully or else it can destroy whole universe. Saambh thanks Mahadev. Krishna notices that.

Radha walks to him and since Saambh is missing nad Krishna is not doing anything, Balram has gone to do something unusual. Krisna says Balram has gone to seek an ancient weapon. Radha asks what is his motto. Krishna says his love towards me , he is paying for being his brother. Saambh gets a mace/gadha. Nishat informs Krishna that Saambh has returned. Radha thinks if he got Mahadev’s boon. Saamb returns home with Mahadev’s given mace to destroy macce. Nishat, Laxmana, and Revati try to stop him. Krishna thinks it will destroy everything.

Precap: Krishna supports Balram and says let us see if musal will end or Dwarka. Balram attacks musal. Water level in Dwarka raises. Shukracharya tells Shalv that Dwarka’s end has sarted.

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