RadhaKrishn 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Yamuna Meets Krishna

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Sam tells Devi Yamuna that like she has dried as a river, whole Nandanvan would have burnt with Shani’s anger. Shani burns whole Nandanvan with is anger and fire boulders fall around Radha and Krishna’s chariot. Sam tells Yamuna that they have to reach Shani to stop destroyal of earth. Radha sees dried lake and asks Krishna what happened to it water. Krishna says devi Yamuna has headed to meet Shani dev and he has to reach Nandanvan as Shani dev is waiting for him since years. Yamuna takes Sam outside Shani’s cave. Sam sees Shani surrounded by crows and asks what are crows doing here. Yamuna says crows are Shani’s vehicle and spies, Shani is getting information from them. She walks into cave. Shani gets happy seeing her. Sam comes from behind her. Shani warns him to stop right there. Yamuna says he came with her. He says Sam did many sins and should go from here or else he will burn him alive. Yamuna says Sam helped him. Shani says he doesn’t do injustice to anyone and just rewards people according to their deeds, Sam did many sins and deserves punishment. Sam says Shani can burn him alive, he just brought Yamuna to meet her brother to end her pain and sorrows. Shani warns to dare not play with him as his words and nature don’t match and he shouldn’t come in front of him. Sam says he is insulting him for bringing his sister to clear her pain and sorrows, he should thank him instead. Yamuna says Sam is right, if he had not come, she would have wasted all her water and her life. Shani warns not to say that as his duty is to protect her. Yamuna says she was doing as Sam said, but Sam stopped her and brought her here. Shani says Sam did right and spares him from his wrath, but says he has to bear punishment for his sins though.

He asks Yamuna/Yami because of whom she had to suffer. Yamuna says Sri Krishna. He reminisces earlier incident and shouts in anger. Fire boulders increase around Radha and Krishna’s chariot. Radha says Nandanvan is burning. Krishna says its Shani’s anger. They see burning trees falling in front of them and jump down from chariot. He asks her to be careful as Shani dev’s anger is burning whole place. Yamuna tells Shani that she loves Krishna and is waiting for him since years, even Shani is waiting for him, he forgot them both and asks if Krishan did right. Shani says Krishna did wrong by not valuing them and not coming to meet them, its injustice. Sam smirks seeing his anger and says he is Krishna’s son Sam and is surprised to see Krishna not taking their name till now, he is ashamed to see Krishna’s behavior towards them; Krishna never loved Yamuna and used her as means to gain his love. He continues provoking her and Shani and provokes Shani to punish Krishna for his deeds even if he comes to meet him or else people will question his loyalty. Shani shouts he is shani and knows his duty well, his duty is to reward people according to their deeds and if someone has done sin, he will punish them, be it Brahma, Vishnu, or Mahesh. Sam smirks thinks now Krishna will bear Shani’s wrath. Shani tells Yamuna that Krishna still didn’t come to meet him, so he has to go and meet and punish him. He walks out of cave. Sam thinks now his wish will be fulfilled.

Radha requests Krishna not to go near Shani. Krishna says he may be harmed, but he has to save the universe from Shani’s anger. He runs towards Shani’s cave. Mata Gowri noticing that asks Mahadev if Shani will punish even Krishna, he has stop his devotee Shani. Mahadev says even god cannot escape from Shani’s wrath as Shani’s duty is to punish everyone according to their deeds; he himself wants Shani to stop and not meet Krishna. Mata Gowri says he has to stop Shani from meeting Krishna. Mahadev reminds Shani that he is forgetting his duty in anger and should go to Mahadev as he is waiting for him. Shani returns. Sam asks where is he going. Yamuni asks why is she going in opposite direction. Shani leaves without replying and Sam goes behind. Yamuna sees Krishna walking towards her and gets happy.

Precap: Yamuna tells Krishna that Radha is lucky to get his togetherness, asks what did she get. Krishna says she will get love in return of her love. Yamuna asks him to marry her.

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