RadhaKrishn 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Stuns Yashoda

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RadhaKrishn 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akroor travels on cart to meet Krishna when he finds Radha passing by and stops. Radha greets him and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to take Krishna on Kans’ order as Kans has invited Krishna for Dhanuryagna. She says Krishna’s parents will not let Krishna no. He says Krishna’s parents will let him go once they find out that Krishna is not their biological son. Radha reminisces Krishna insisting her to reveal his parents that he is not their biological son as only she can perform this act. At home, Balram asks Krishna when they have to travel to Mathura to kill Kans. Jatila with Kutila and Ayan walks in and tells Yashoda that she doesn’t know what her sons have done. Yashoda asks what did they do now. Balram fumes on them. Krishna hypnotizes them, and Jatila says they came to congratulate Krishna and Balram for their victory and walk away.

Akroor walks in, and Nand greeting him and asks why did he come here. Akroor says Kans has organized maha dhanuyagna and has invited Krishna. Yashoda says she will not let her son go away from her. Akroor is about to reveal that Krishna is not her biological son when Radha walks in. Balram says Radha came to reveal truth. Radha tells Krishna that he was right that his parents will shatter if they hear truth from someone else. Krishna says he told only she can perform this act.

Radha requests Yashoda to let Krishna to as Krishna is not her biological son and his real parents are in Kans’ jail, so he has to free them and perform his duty. Yashoda and Nand are shocked to hear that and says it is not true. Radha says it is true. Yashoda says she is crossing her limits, how can she say that when no one knows about it. Radha says because she loves Krishna and enquired each minute detail about him; when she was enquiring an asur, she came to know about this truth. Yashoda says she cannot trust asur and if she can give any other evidence. Radha says Balram and Krishna know about it. Yashoda shatters more. Krishna nods yes. Yashoda asks him to take Narayan’s oath. Krishna says he considers her more than god and says it is true that she is not his biological mother. Yashoda stands freeze and says her son gave her shock of a life. Emotional discussion continues, and Krishna requests her to let him go and free his biological parents from Kans’ grip. Yashoda permits him.

Precap: Radha meets Krishna and says she came to see off h im, he should kill Krishna and free his parents. Krishna says once he leaves, he will not return.

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