RadhaKrishn 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Breaks Alliance With Krishna

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Dhama returns to Barsana and informs Vrishbhan that Krishna tricked him and sent him to mountain cliff where he got trapped. Ayan says Krishna tried to kill Dhama. Vrishbhan scolds Krishna and says he made a mistake by fixing his daughter’s wedding with Krishna. Krishna says Vrishbhan should not be ashamed and should feel proud as he saved Barsana many times from mishaps. Radha warns him to mind her tongue as even they gave him Vrindavan. Krishna says he found Vrindavan. Radha says they gave him groceries and other items. Krishna says she should be thankful to him. She says she loved him immensely and has decided now not to marry him. Krishna says her name is linked to his name since long and everyone knows they love each other, so nobody else will marry her except him. He challenges that if anyone agrees to marry her, he himself will get her ready, help in all wedding rituals and even take her to mantap; reminiscing Radha’s same request and him agreeing to fulfill it. Radha asks people if anyone is ready to marry her. Ugrapath says his son Ayan will marry Radha in the same muhurath. Radha asks Ayan if he will marry her. Ayaan says yes. Krishna says then he will keep his promise and he himself will get her ready, help in all wedding rituals and even take her to mantap.

Ayan and Jatila meet Kans and inform him that they broke Radha’s wedding with Krishna and fixed it with Ayan. Kans rejoices and says now he will execute his next plan.

Krishna returns home. Yashoda says Vrindavan is Krishna’s gift to them, they will be here for long. She continues pouring her emotions and shows bridal thali prepared for Radha. Once Yashoda leaves, Balram walks to Krishna and gets emotional. Krishna gives his explanation. Balram requests him to meet him at river shore. At Radha’s house, Kirtida says she does not know why she cancelled her wedding with Krishna even though she loves him immensely, it is very difficult for her, so she can marry after 3 months instead of tomorrow. Radha sits silently. Kirtida asks her to take her decision.

Balram meets Radha and requests her to meet him once at river shore. Radha agrees. He walks out and seeing Ayan walking towards Radha’s house asks reason. Ayan boasts he is Radha’s would be husband and can has right to meet Radha anytime. Balram gets angry, turns into Sheshnag, and spreads poison in air. Ayan falls unconscious.

Krishna reaches shore and waits for Balram. Radha also reaches there. Balram reaches and asks them to spend quality time together and walks away. Radha says they are meeting like this one last time. Their emotional chat continues. They both cry and value their decision of not marrying to stop Radha’s parents going to jungle. Radha informs him of Kirtida’s choice of marrying after 3 months. Krishna says she should marry tomorrow itself and end this ordeal. Radha says even she had thought same. They part ways giving one final hug.

Next morning, Vrishbhan sees people gathering and walking to them sees Ayan sleeping on road. He wakes up Ayan and asks why is he sleeping on road, it is his wedding today. Ayan he does not know what had happened to him. Vrishbhan sees decorated mantap and asks who did it so nicely in such a short span. Krishna walks in. Vrishbhan taunts Krishna that he shamelessly lost to Radha and is fulfilling his promise.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that love can make one go to any extent and do anything like he is doing for his love for Radha, he is presenting himself as selfish and trickster; people will ask why can’t he marry Radha and live peacefully, he can but Radha cannot be in peace as her parents will have to shift to jungle forever and she will be in pain thinking her parents are suffering because of her; one should value the emotions of their lady love and should fall down in other’s eyes.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna to get her ready one last time and not leave her hand till he drops her in mantap.

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