RadhaKrishn 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahakali Stops Krishna

RadhaKrishn 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kali returns to Kailash and asks Mahadev that she is in a dilemma as she has to stop her brother Krishna. Mahadev asks her to follow her promise made to Kans and stop Krishna while Krishna follows his duty. Mahakali walks outside temple and stops Krishna from entering temple. Krishna says let him go in as Radha is inside. Mahakali says Kans has ordered Ekdansh to kill Ayan and not Radha. Krishna says Radha will try to protect Ayan and bear attack on herself, so she should let him go in. She say she cannot break her promise, so she cannot let him in even if she has to attack him. Krishna says Narayaan and Mahakali’s fight means end of this world. Radha and Ayan run and hide behind stones. Ekdansh searches Ayan.

Mahakali takes her gigantic avatar. Balram reaches there and asks Krishna to get inside temple and save Radha while he tries to stop Mahakali for a few seconds even if he has to lose his life. Krishna says he cannot do that and takes his gigantic avatar. He requests Mahakali that he will not attack her even if he has to risk Radha’s life. Mahakali says she will attack him though to keep her promise. Radha and Ayan run. Ekdansh reaches them and is about to bite Ayan when Radha comes in front and bears his bite. Krishna shouts Radha… Mahakali calms down, apologizes Krishna, and leaves.

Ayan runs from there while Radha turns blue and falls. Krishna runs in and holds her. Ekdansh says he felt an unique energy after biting Radha, she does not seem to be common human. Krishna says she is devi of love Radha. Ekdansh asks who is he. Krishna asks to look him with love, he will find out who he is. Ekdansh sees Narayan in Krishna and says Kans tricked and made him bite Radha. Krishna asks him to suck back his poison. Ekdansh says he cannot. Krishna gives him mukti and carries Radha away.

Ayan rushes home and informs Ugrapath that a huge snake bit Radha. Krishna with Balram brings Radha. Ugrapath shouts to call Vaidya. Krishna Vaidya cannot treat Radha as it is very deadly poison. Ugrapath shouts at him that he always troubled Ayan and Radha, he should not dare come back to his house. Krishna tries to speak, but Ugrapath continues yelling. Krishna leaves sadly.

Precap: Ugrapath requests if someone can take out poison from Radha. Krishna disguised as an old woman walks in saying only she has antidote of this poison.

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