RadhaKrishn 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kishori Punishes Manmohan?

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Radha sees young Kishori/Radha hiding with Gopis and watching Manmohan after dropping oil in his way. Sam noticing that thinks they will see how he will trouble young lovers. He walks towards them, but slips and falls down. Ganeshji laughs seeing that. Kishori tells friends that she will see Mohan struggling to get up. Balram laughs seeing Sam and says that fools deserves this. Krishna says Sam has other punishment awaited. Kishori laughs seeing Sam struggling to get up and scolds that he spoilt her plan. Sam says he is Dwarka’s prince. Kishori says so what. Sam says he heard Manmohan’s plan and can help her. Radha thinks not to trust wicked Sam who is interfering between 2 lovers. Sam insists Kishori to help him get up. She helps him. He says he heard Manmohan and his friends planning to throw dirt on them. Radha says Manmohan cannot do that. Friends say Manmohan stole their butter and clothes and now wants to punish them. Kishori says Manmohan will never do that. Sam says he heard it himself. Gopis says she is trying to protect Manmohan as she loves him. Radha says no and agrees to punish Manmohan. Sam takes them to a place and says Manmohan and his friends will throw dirt on them, so they should wait and punish them before do that.

Manmohan informs his friends to wait for Gopis to come and then throw dirt on them. Radha and her friends hide. Sam walks to Manmohan and chats with him, then hides. Radha thinks how cruel this Sam is. Manmohan and his friends hide. Kishori makes lion’s sound. Manmohan’s friends get afraid hearing lion sound and run out while Manmohan warns them that Kishori frightens people since childhood with lion sound. Kishori and her friends surround Manmohan’s friends and throw dirt on them. They ask Kishori to hit Manmohan with a stick. Balram thanks Krishna for showing them Kishori and Manmohan’s premleela. Kishori runs behind Manmohan trying to hit him and he escapes, then finally stops and asks her to hit hit. She says she cannot.

Radha’s friends say they will punish Manmohan and surround him. He pleads not to do that. They make him wear their clothes and laugh. Mahadev, Gowri ji, Ganesh ji and other gods laugh seeing that. Manmohan walks to Kishori and says he is not afraid and in fact is ready to bear her punishment. Radha thinks again that Sam is cruel to make 2 lovers fight. Krishna disappears and disguised as Mohan walks to her playing flute and asks what was she blabbering. She explains what Sam did. Mohan says Kishori and Manmohan’s love is immortal like Radha and Krishna’s love and they will not fight.

Precap: Kishori asks Manmohan if he is not angry on her. Manmohan says they won’t get angry on one they love. She says he doesn’t look like her without makeup. He asks to do his makeup and make their love immortal. She does his makeup.

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  1. I am in love with their love. My Kitna bee gussa Mae hoo, Radhakrishn yadha ajayaetho, Dil pura prem sae bhar jatha.aur prem sae kehatha Hai kee

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