RadhaKrishn 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Unimaginable Wish

RadhaKrishn 19th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha prays Mata Saraswati thinking she would sacrifice her life before seeing Krishna dead. Krishna continues searching Radha. In Dwarka, Panditji starts Mata Saraswati’s pooja and asks who will attend pooja. Citizen says Dwarkadhish Krishna performs pooja always. Balram says in his absence, rajkumar Nishat will perform pooja. Citizen says they all want to see Krishna though. Krishna asks Nishat to start pooja and goes to search Krishna. Sam continues performing Mata Saraswati’s pooja. Jamvati sees Sam is praying without even taking a breath and is sure he will get his desired boon from Mata Saraswati, but Krishna may pose a problem. Laxmana says she is afraid of Radha more than Krishna and need to find out where she is and what is she up to. They search Radha and find her in jungle praying. Balram finds Krishna and requests him to return to Dwarka as citizens are waiting for him to sit in pooja. Krishna says he is worried about Radha now and is searching her. Balram says Radha wouldn’t like if he doesn’t perform his duties because of her. He convinces Krishna and takes him for pooja. Citizens ask Krishna what will happen to Dwarka if he leaves them, what is their future.

Jamvati and Laxmana finds Radha and listen to her prayers. Radha prays Mata Saraswati to give her death if she has to separate from Krishna. They are shocked to hear that and rejoice. Mata Gowri hearing that asks Mahadev why did Radha ask her death. Mahadev says without love, life is like a death and only who loves can understand Radha’s feelings. Krishna hearing Radha’s wish walks away from Dwarka. Jamvati says once Radha is death, Krishna will be free from her infatuation and will think of Jamvati then. Mata Saraswati tells Brahmadev that she is in a dilemma. Brahmadev says Krishna will die without Radha, so she shouldn’t fulfill Radha’s wish. Mata Saraswati says she is helpless and has to fulfill her wish. Krishna stops her and requests not to fulfill Radha’s wish. Mata Saraswati says already 6 pahars have passed and she can’t wait more. Krishna requests her to wait till another 2 pahars till he finds her and convinces her to stop praying for her death. Mata Saraswati agrees.

Jamvati returns to Sam and asks him to stop praying. Sam says let him pray and take boon from Mata Saraswati to kill Krishna and . Jamvati says Mata Saraswati will not kill Krishna any god hasn’t fought with Krishna till now, so instead he should pray to kill Radha instead as Radha is also praying same.

Krishna continues searching Radha. Dwarka citizens walk out from pooja saying if Krishna is not present in pooja, even they can’t. Krishna thinks he has to use his inner power to search Radha and sees Mata Saraswati emerging in front of Radha. He pleads Mata Saraswati to not fulfill Radha’s wish. Mata Saraswati says already 2 pahars have finished and she is helpless. She asks Radha to open her eyes. Krishna runs towards Radha. Radha asks Mata Saraswati if she heard her prayers, she needs her death before Krishna’s death. Krishna reaches and hears Mata Saraswati giving Radha a boon that she will die before Krishna.

Precap: Radha wishes Krishna to visit Brindavan for some time. Krishna says he cannot go there as there is a secret hidden there. Voiceover asks what was the secret that Krishna was hiding from Radha.

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