RadhaKrishn 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Dances with Krishna

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RadhaKrishn 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna tells Radha that Raas will start only when Radha dances. Radha asks what he means. Krishna thinks Raas means ras/nature and life, life means Radha, Radha is everything. Radha asks why he is standing silently and walks away. Krishna smiles and thinks without Radha, Raas will not start. Jatila asks Vrishbhan to go and check if Radha is in her room. Vrishbhan does not find Radha in her room and asks Jatila on which way did Radha go.
Radha stops hearing Krishna’s bansuri and dances with him. All Gopis join them. Radha Krishna..song..plays in the background. After dance, Radha feeds water to Krishna.

Jatila takes Vrishbhan and Kirtida to the venue where she saw Radha last and ssays Radha went in this direction. Vrishbhan and Kirtida search Radha and think where Radha

would ha ve gone at this time. Jatila thinks why she can’t remember where Radha went and why whole jungle is looking similar.

Radha rests on Krishna’s shoulder. Krishna wakes her up and says all Gopis have gone, even she should go before anyone sees her. Radha stands lookingn at Krishna. Krishna nods her to go. Radha walks away repeatedly looking at Krishna and smiling at him. Serial’s title song plays in the background again. Radha returns home and gets tensed seeing her parents waiting for her. Kirtida asks where had she gone at midnight. Krishna thinks now he will see what his Radha will say. Radha thinks what to inform parents. Vrishbhan walks to Radha and pampering her reminds that she gave an important promise to her father. Radha reminisces promising Vrishbhan that he will not be insulted because of her, she is giving her life’s decision to him. Vrishbhan says it is time to test that promise, where had she gone at midnight and repeats question. Radha says she was not getting sleep, so she thought of going to temple to calm her mind. Vrishbhan asks if her mind is calm now. Radha says yes, she went to temple to see Narayan. Jatila says but she.. Vrishbhan says his Radha never lies to him, if she had told beforehand, even he would have accompanied her, what if something had happened to her. Radha apologizes. Vrishbhan asks her to go and erst in her room now. Radha runs to her bed and cries feeling guilty and apologizes Vrishbhan for breaking his rules, but she was helpless. Krishna thinks Radha should not lie. Radha cries that she lied to her parents. Krishna says Radha told truth, she came to Narayan and this place is temple of love where Radha and Krishna danced and it will be celebrated for ages, she does not know that she told truth, but when she will get out of human form, she will realize truth and herself will realize everything.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that everyone like warming their hands in cold, these fire sticks burn first and then turn into ashes, fire emerges from fire stick and even ash does; if fire and ash emerge from fire stick, then ash sets off fire; meaning is they have to emerge their light from within instead of darkness..

Precap: Jatila suggests Vrishbhan that Radha has attend marriage age, he should get her married. Vrishbhan says he will find a compatible match for Radha soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. That scene where radha rani resting her head on krishna – the iconic pose is awesome and eye treat to watch.

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