RadhaKrishn 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun Seeks Out Krishna

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Krishna stands in balcony and looks outside. Shakuni walks in and thinks everyone are eager to know whom Krishna will vote as future king, but he is looking somewhere else. Krishna greets him. Shakuni asks how did he come he is standing behind. Krishna says he heard he is expert gambler and came here with a question. Shakuni says he guessed right and invites him for a gambling match. Krishna agrees. Shakuni says he has to bet something and says if he loses, he has to answer his question. Krishna agrees and says he knows what wants to ask. Shakuni while playing suggests Krishna that he should vote for Duryodhan as Dhritastra blind in son’s love will reject his opinion if he selects Pandavs and he shouldn’t bear insult. He wins first board and asks whom he will vote. Krishna says neither Pandavs nor Duryodhan, he will chose dharma. Shakuni says he wants both humiliation and destroyal then. Krishna wins next board and asks whom he will vote. Shakuni says obviously Duryodhan and asks again his opinion. Krishna says he didn’t win completely, so he cannot ask.

Kunti asks Pandavs if he they have decided what they will speak in sabha. Yudistra says yes followed by Bheem and Nakul/Sahdev. Kunti asks Arjun next. Arjun says he is waiting for Madhav who is not to be seen anywhere.

Duryodhan in jungle angrily fumes thinking why did Shakuni go to Krishna. He tries to hunt a rabbit when Krishna enters and says he wanted to hunt a lion and is hunting a poor deer instead, he should focus on his goal instead of being distracted, etc Duryodhan angrily asks what is he doing here, he thought he would be with Pandavs. Krishna says he is doing what Duryodhan is doing here. Dushyasan walks to them, and Krishna leaves. Shakuni walks in next and asks Dushyasan to set his team to inform Duryodhan about each minute of sabha. Dushayasan agrees.

Dhritastra walks into sabha and greets everyone followed by new family member Draupadi. Arjun eagerly waits for Krishna. Shakuni thinks only Krishna can change the situation, so sabha should start before he comes. Dhritastra says if everyone are waiting for Krishna, they will delay the sabha. Shakuni says nobody is waiting for Krishna and when sabha can start without Duryodhan, Krishna is a distant relative and realized his opinion doesn’t matter. Arjun fimes in anger. Dhritastra starts sabha and seeks Yudistra’s opinion. Yudistra says since his father was also king and Dhritastra is a present king, he feels even they have right to rule, so Hastinapur should be divided into 2 and handed half to Pandavs to maintain peace. Dhritastra seeks Bheem’s opinion next who says he doesn’t understand partition and understands only power, he will fight with Duryodhan and Arjun with Karn, whoever will win will rule Hastinapur. Kunti, Nakul, Sahdev, and Draupadi support partition. Dhritastra seeks Arjun’s opinion. Arjun eagerly waits for Krishna.

Precap: Shakuni thinks only Arjun’s opinion will change the whole situation. Krishna provokes Arjun to use his right and opine. Karn challenges Arjun for a fight. Krishna provokes Arjun to awaken his senses.

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